Sexual Assault – Womens Self Defense Seminar Krav Maga (Frontline) Rick Seid

Go to for more information. We did a Women’s Self Defense Krav Maga training for some 90 women as part of a benefit …

13 thoughts on “Sexual Assault – Womens Self Defense Seminar Krav Maga (Frontline) Rick Seid

  1. FuneralRoses says:

    @FrontlineKravMaga Oh that'd be great! I have no idea what kind of work they do in the classes. It'd be nice to be paying for exactly what I'm looking to learn (self defense) and not an over-glorified work-out. I'd appreciate any advice you can give! The place I looked at was "Steve Woolridge's Krav Maga & Fitness Center"

  2. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    @FuneralRoses Thank you for your kind words & post. One note of caution. Not all krav schools created alike. Many from Krav Maga Worldwide are more cardio classes than fighting classes. Go watch or take a class or 2. if sit ups & push ups are thrown in throughout the class then don't waste your money. If you find a place contact me & I will check it out for you. I will also see who is in the KC area 4 u. I will send you Tips and excerpts from my soon to be released Womens Fighting Chance book.

  3. FuneralRoses says:

    I plan to show this to my Dad whose worried about me going to college this august, especially since only four months ago some guy tried to abduct a student in the college-garage (she's okay, he took off when she said no) but I've been seriously thinking of taking k.m. at a local KC fitness center and i know he'll like it after he sees this. he's always regretted not putting me in defense classes, your vid has inspired me to go the next seminar they have 🙂

  4. FYPNLP says:

    that was fantastic. I've been doing krav maga for about six months. I'm female, only 5ft tall and can beat guys over 6ft. If can do it, any woman can do it.

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