Wesley Derequito, chief instructor of Senshido International is interviewed about his experiences teaching Senshido. Explains the “Shredder” and other aspects …

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  1. Martha Luntz says:

    I have followed Richard and Chris for about two yeats and have added their type defenses to what i teach- it works -especially for ordinary civilians wh never faught before-easy to teach and easy to practis-Ari

  2. Rick McGhee says:

    Wes is right about going ape shit crazy to test theories. Before, I discovered Senshido, I would have my guys take empty water bottles (20oz size) and use it as a knife – go ape shit – WE ALL looked like we played paint ball for hours. Serious bruising, and almost impossible to stop with anything traditional, but we are better for it. The reason I used a plastic bottle versus a training blade/hard tool, was to allow my students to have the insane energy of actually using the tool as a knife. It permitted the attacker with the mindset that this isn't really going to hurt and they will go all out, whereas, with a training knife there was always some reservation with the attack, no matter how well intended; maybe because we knew it was their turn next ๐Ÿ™‚ Train safe, train for real, train for life.

  3. Senshido International says:

    Basically, We have to remember in reality, the knife is dynamic. All techniques work from all styles in my opinion when the knife is used systematically. But i suggest( if you haven't yet) if you do train in a system or martial art, to test what u consider an effective technique, and have the attacker just go randomly apeshit on you, you know "prison-shanking-style" cuz in reality that's how guys attack)

  4. Senshido International says:

    @Helicondrummer None taken ๐Ÿ™‚ I see what you mean, but we always tyell our students to "expect to get cut" . now ask yourself this, where i may have been cut would it have been fatal? Or severely damaging? We train as realistically possible and the person attacking with the knife was going full force. There is no technique here for sure, we go based on our natural flinch response to minimize damage but maximize entry. Does that make sense?

  5. Senshido International says:

    @valgorlin totally agree. It is about the training methods over techniques. I actually don't believe in techniques or "moves". Fighting/defense is holistic and specializing causes more problems than fixing in my opinion. And it's true what you say about the ground as well. The Shredder isn't necessarily revolutionary, acutally maybe the opposite it allows us to devolve our trianing "moves" to somethign much more simpler and easier to apply for realistic scenarios

  6. valgorlin says:

    @SenshidoITL . I only say this because people look too much for techniques rather than training methods. we all have two arms and two legs. Systems will collide, but when someone tries to call a move "revolutionary" it usually isnt THE TRAINING AND FOCUS OF THE ART IS. there are few areas that havnt been explored to great depth and it seems the ground was the last place to make a big leap besieds reality based senario training.

  7. Senshido International says:

    @valgorlin Interesting you say that. Kali also borrows their techniques from other arts as well. When Senshido was created, Kali was the one of the few arts that Richard Dimitri never adopted into the system. But doesn't mean elements form Kali aren't similar to other arts. And remember, reality based defense is meant to take what works and discard what doesn't, which can vary for each individual. Fighting/self defense I believe shouldn't be based on specialities, am I right?

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