Self Defense with your Car Keys

Learn self defense using your normal car keys. This video will give you step by step instructions on how …

4 thoughts on “Self Defense with your Car Keys

  1. richard berg says:

    …it is this kind of videos that builds up the myths about key-fighting and "i-know-it-all"martialartists.
    Dont use your keys in that manner.
    Speak to real people at a selfdefence trainingcenter/gym

  2. BigErn_Mccraken says:

    You are a fucking idiot. Try doing this on a punching bag at full speed a few times. Call me after you get stiches. Now, try pinching that key between your thumb and forefinger and letting about a half inch of it protrude…. that's a fucking slashing shank…. way more practical than this wolverine shit. You've been hypnotize by the wrong kung-fuey my friend.

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