Self Defense Weapon Alternatives to Guns

Showing some self defense weapons that can be used as alternatives to guns. I’m not against guns by any means but there are many people who are against …

28 thoughts on “Self Defense Weapon Alternatives to Guns

  1. James Forsyth says:

    I carry all the time and the holster I use is very comfortable I just carry a pocket pistol though but I definitely have other items I carry my wife has her concealed permit and she shoots regularly she use to shoot completely. She has had to use her weapon with out using it she just wanted the guys with a warning shot told them the next shot will kill one of u she use to work in a office downtown but she is working in a nice area now but still if u can't carry a gun it's definitely worth checking out even if you have a concealed carry permit always have a plan b

  2. Dustoff85 says:

    The problem for me, I live in Texas, retired Military Pilot, I have my CHL and do not leave home without my GLOCK. The problem for me is that I'm going to visit daughter in POS California in 3 weeks. In order for me to transport a gun in F'ed up California, the gun MUST be locked in a lock box and the ammo must also be locked up in another box. F California and ALL Liberals. A lot of good that does me. I can't even protect myself or my family. I have to tell the THUG can you please give me a moment while I unlock my gun and ammo before you take my car and valuables and possibly kill us. I HATE ALL Criminals NO Mercy they all need to be shot on first sight.

    I want a baton buy they are illegal in Texas…That's Crazy. So worst case scenario should I go to a Trump Rally or whatever and the Libtard Millennials ANTIFA Az Holes come and get in my face or try to commit harm to my family I carry a Bank of rolled up nickels. Place them in the palm of my hand and knock the crap out of the punk, It WILL knock the Az Hole the "F" Out. No mercy. I have 26+ years in the military to include combat, they are all cowards and chicken shits, They WILL regret the day they struck me or sucker punched me. The sucker punch though will be difficult because I have been trained to be 100% aware of my surroundings as in 360 degrees. I live by the 360 rule

  3. J Rdz says:

    If the issue is wanting to be inconspicuous, then you can always legally carry concealed via "deep conceal carry", with like an Ruger LCP .380 or maybe a S&W shield, Glock 42 etc..

    You know what they say about people that carry "non lethal" weapons for self defense use right?
    They get shot.

    Just my .02¢, but if you ever need a firearm for self defense and you DON'T have it, chances are you will never need it again…

    Always carry (a legal firearm), it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

  4. Below Zero says:

    All illegal in the UK. In the UK, you either run and get shot / stabbed, or you hide and get shot / stabbed or you try to fight and get shot / stabbed. We have no self defence in the UK.

  5. lucas m says:

    Stunguns are crap. You have to make contact. Get the Taser Pulse instead to get distance and also can be used as a stungun. $400 but i only need to use it once to make it worth my life.

  6. Aldar Chonaev says:

    I guess non of these will save you if some going after you with a knife or a gun. Get a bulletproof best and runaway as fast as you can , or carry a gun lol . Thanks for the video.

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