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  1. MadBull RC says:

    While I do agree with the concept of the video, mma fighters still are able to eye gouge and stuff like that, you know? It's not a huge adjustment to knee someone in the nuts instead of the gut, it's not a huge adjustment to double leg someone then stomp on them instead of mount them. The way I see it a street fight is just a fight with absolutely no rules, you can do anything you want. And to say that mma can't be applied to that (not that you said that, but other certain people do) is just fucking stupid, I'm sure you agree

  2. Julian says:

    What I like about MMA is that it's basically a complete game plan. You understand Clinches, Grappling, punching, kicking, foot work, blocking and guarding, takedowns, and of course you get a lot of resistance. Styles like Karate just aren't the same. They waste hours on forms

  3. Kenny Lin says:

    be wise, even though mma is a sport, but it provides a safe and versatile environment for you to start with. improving your physiological/psychological condition in a safe environment first, then we talk about adrenaline junkie stuff if you like

    adrenaline junkie stuff = cheat all you want in a fight,
    no cheating=no adrenaline junkie,
    dont hate on me for saying this, cheating is what human can do all day not just in fighting.

  4. Alex says:

    I am sorry but i dont completely agree with everything he says. If you have ever done a realistic-"ish" situation in training where a knife was involved. You know that the best defense is a 100meter sprint. Never even think you can defend against a knife effectively without being, almost certainly, severely injured yourself. Its just not worth it.

  5. Glenn Blk says:

    I worked the door, I boxed in the ring for years too.
    I think another important point is ring fighters are already switched on, they have both agreed to be there and play by the same rules and are comfortable in combat.
    A lot of street work/reality work starts from the fence where you do not switch the attacker on and control your negative ego,then it's knock out and evade from pre empts and escape you leave with your life where as the ring is ego centric otherwise you wouldn't be there.
    The subconscious conditioning a ring fighter adopts may see them well conditioned physically and give them good support system but unless they pressure test for reality mentally they will get pre empted very easily, maybe Nick could demonstrate that.
    The street is all about verbal and mental attack prior to physical encounter and it happens in seconds then is over in seconds, either way stay safe guys.

  6. Richard Lebel says:

    Many MMA fights would end in death/debilitating injury if not for the refs stopping them. The rules just make sure no one dies, on the street there's no ref, the MMA fighter can maim/kill easily. They also are more likely to have full contact training and fight experience, an SD practitioner tends to drill movements only, and that may be good enough vs untrained or unsuspecting opponents, but make no mistake, it's not comparable to MMA. SD is good for people who don't have the time or interest to devote to MMA but still want some competent techniques they could use to protect themselves if need be. But when push comes to shove, I'd rather be an MMA fighter any day of the week.

  7. Craigl Lacour64 says:

    man I'm so glad you posted this I have been saying this for ever. and the reason you practice self defense moves over and over so that they will be instinct. that why when people see demos on the tube that is not how they practice in the dojo. some dojo pad up and go all out like a real street fight situation.

  8. Marian Kotúč says:

    Another problem is that people in shock lose their fine motor skills. Even if they train martial arts, any defense that relies on perfectly coordinated moves is basically useless. The psychology of such situation is different and you cannot train, say, being cut by a knife. Or, you take him down and his buddies will be only happy to stomp on your head. The approach must be different, you don't really fight to win but to buy yourself time to evade danger.

  9. Jeet Kune Do says:

    Excuse me I don't mean to be rude, but I doubt that you was in the ring or any competitions. I can see by your moves and body language. You are a great teacher tho. I would be glad if you can proove me wrong. 😉 Stay sharp!

  10. Mani Neebs says:

    I just can't watch your video. there's something in you that I simply can't like. Is it your hear cut, your accent, your bullshit badass turd attitude, your display of tattoo like look I'm a fucking beast, the way you think you're the best in the world, shitty technic display.

    I don't know man, I simply can't watch a full video with you without pausing thinking what a dickhead…

  11. Ezra Glatczak says:

    great video nick. ive been training in mixed martial arts for 5 years and I always felt like something was lacking and it was the most realistic MA for a self defence situation and its great to start with but not what I really want to practice everyday. I want the mind set of a man who is more prepared for a self defence situation rather than the mind set of fighting in a controlled environment

  12. Salvator Wendling says:

    Good video Nick!!! I was an infantry soldier for 8 years. During my time in the army, I had the pleasure of witnessing shift from focusing on heavily regulated sparring (MMA style) to realistic scenario based combatives training. It used to be where combative training for soldiers was one on one grappling sparring only. Eventually, some of our brightest minds at the combatives school realized that this was insufficient for a soldier. The curriculum of combatives programs was expanded to include "real like situational training simulations" such as room clearing resulting in physical aggressive inhabitants. With the use of equipment such as padded suits and helmets this allowed soldiers to train with maximum aggression (even allowing the use of devastating weapon strikes such as rifle buttstrokes, muzzle jabs, and even headbutts with a kevlar helmet). I even at one point in Iraq had to put these principles to use against a much larger apponenet (about 6'3" 260 pounds or so) The new combatives training made me a more efficient soldier. There is indeed a big difference between squaring up in the ring and engaging an enemy in a real life hostile scenario. There are no rules in a real fight. Once again, great discussion in your video Nick!

  13. Ronny Romano says:

    I Need to Learn alot more about Street Fighting then MMA or the Martial Arts and I Need to Learn how to defend Myself in a Street Fight and Learn How to really Fight Against top Flight Street Fighters in the Most Dangerous Areas in Big Cities Like Las Angeles Chicago Detroit New York Philadelphia Baltimore and Learn How to Defend myself from Isis and Men who are in the Arm Services and I Need to train to be a Better Fighter then a Cop and Learn Better Fighting technics Then Cops and Marines and People who are Third Degree Black In all Type of Martial Arts and I Will never be a trained Fighter but I will not get into a Fight unless a Person Threatens to Verbally Kill me and I want to Know how to Verbally answer a Person Back when he Threatens to knock me across the Room in a Bar or he Tells me he Can Knock My Teeth Out or he tells me he can hurt me when I Try to Solve a Problem between this Person and he Denies he did something to hurt me . This Person Likes to Blame me for every Thing I Did to Him and its not all my fault . I was and Still Have the fear of Physical harm around this Person and when I am around Him for Too Long There is a 80% Chance he will Start to Threaten me and Look to Beat me up and I Need Self Defense Training because he is much Bigger and Stronger then me and he has a Mouth Like a Shark and I Need Verbal Self Defense around this Guy and I will not say his name but this Person is in my Life and we will never have a Relationship with each other and this Person has Put Fear of Physical Harm in my Life and other People in all Walks in my Life tell me That People Look at me in Church and at Work and Customers in a Supermarket wanted to Fight me if I Meet Him in a Bar or I Went to a Tiki Bar in my Club House and this Drunk Person wanted to start a Fight with me out of the Clear Blue Sky so Your self defense training Videos on You Tube is a help to me but I have a long way to Go because I Never Got into a Fight with a person but many People in all Walks in my Life tell me I will get Hurt and I Meet a Large 6 Foot Guy went up to my Face and pointed his Finger at me and this Guy is much Stronger then me and he Could have Put me in the Hospital but thank God a Friend would have Protected me From Him but he has a Big Brother who will Protect his Brother from my Friend and my self and This Guys Brother and I Played a Wedding as 2 Musicians and I was Going to Pay all the Musicians equally but this Guy Told me if I Robbed Him From Paying Him he would have Destroyed me Physically but I Would never Rob People of their Money . I am a fair person. Thank you for hearing my Comments but Now I want to Learn Self Defense to Protect myself from all dangerous Men who are Street Fighters and trained Professional Fighters and I am Willing to be Mentored by you . Thank you . PS- I Do not want to use my name in this Comment but thank you for Teaching me how to Fight on You Tube and i want to Learn how to defend myself with your Mentorship and I want to Buy your DVD Materials to Over Come my Fears of Verbal and Physical Abuse . Thank you .

  14. Mark Allebon says:

    Yep the street is different to MMA. MMA guys go on about what they do because they can use what they know against a resisting opponent. Thats fair comment. Also one can see with many traditional martial arts high ranking practioners who somehow got to a high level whilst being over weight. That doesnt happen in sports martial arts. Techniques aside people who spar and compete are in great shape. The argument from the TMA is about how you dont get a fair fight in reality. Your opponent could have a weapon you could have multiple opponents or for several reasons that do not apply in MMA your opponent could be a lot stronger, because they are: Much taller and heavier, because they are younger and stronger, because your a woman trying to fight a man, because the fight started when you least wanted or expected it because your tired from work or whatever else. So TMA claims to deal with the three main problems I mentioned. Weapons, mulitple opponents and mismatches. But where is the the proof that it works. It seems more likely to me that the truth of the matter is whether you do MMA or TMA that if you are faced with, weapons, multiple opponents or a mismatch tough shit your in real trouble. However every military has its close quarters combat system for its soldiers and they do have to try and deal with, weapons, multiple opponents, and mismatches so assuming they have found anything that actually works in those situations that is where you would wont to look for self defence. Things like the old styles of Jujutsu where simply medival CQC after all perhaps most of the important stuff was already worked out back then.

  15. Max Vorobey says:

    I like these videos because of their practicality, normally you click these videos and expect some guy explaining what kind of armbar to do, but nick tells you what you really should do in a street fight or in a gun or knife situation. I took muay Thai before, and I'll tell you this, much is forgotten in the heat of battle and sadly most fights are nothing like in the movies. so that's why I recommend these videos for anyone wanting to learn what to really do.

  16. jean michel poc says:

    i tend to agree and disagree… must of the street fights I've seen where mma guys were involved ended with the mma guy literally destroying the average Joes (always on the feet). even Roger Huerta proved it. what I'm saying is that these guys are so well trained, and ate hundreds and thousands of punches already that it takes a very good trained fighter to ko them. just sayin. I wouldnt want to fight mark hunt, Chuck Liddell or rampage Jackson even in the streets. a bit stupid if I was like : that's OK it's the street so I can just ko the shit out of Jon jones now.

  17. Aaron McLaughlin says:

    MMA and all other sport martial arts are about winning a game. Self-defense is about avoiding, fleeing, or permanently ending a fight. Knockout, tapout, or successful hits should never be the goal of self-defense, although it's nice if they happen. The goal of self-defense is to identify and avoid all serious confrontation and, if not possible, to kill or permanently maim all attackers. That's half of what the military teaches soldiers, but soldiers are on the battlefield to attack in addition to true self-defense.

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