Self Defense Training Warm Up

Whether your workout plan is a quick run in the park or skipping rope for a couple of minutes, warming up should be the first thing on the to-do list before …

12 thoughts on “Self Defense Training Warm Up

  1. Carlos Zanini says:

    Gotta love skipping rope, it's the best overall cardio workout: it's cheap, fun, challenging and that's why pro fighters used for decades and still use nowadays. George is in great shape. Great video, stay strong.

  2. nowhere everywhere says:

    people who thinks it easy have not done there home work its short routine but its very effective I use to do this for an hour and with a weight vest and 30 seconds of break each 5 minutes that pass by each time I felt like dying lol but I got use to it after the first 2 months.great work nick I'm gonna add you're warm up exercise to mine warm up exercise .

  3. cafehumanhours says:

    I highly recommend to warmup your joints between the skipping rounds, all the way from neck to heels. I was really depressed once (being a newbie) I fell down with my leg twisted and got terrible sprain on my knee. Couldn`t train for 3 weeks, that happened at one moment while I was boxing and moving around quickly, so even lost my training confidence for a while. The turn from running to shadow-fighting in this video looked kinda too quick for me. (A normal session in my muai-thai club takes 45 minutes of warmup (3-5 rounds x 2 min of j.rope then kickspunches in the air, running jumps stretching etc etc) and 45 minutes of pad workingsparring.) Good video, though.

  4. Emir EC says:

    the shadow fighting made me laugh. the idea is good but you really went for 0-100 quick haha. from shadow boxing to defending a knife attack on the ground in 5 seconds

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