Self Defense Tips: Stick Tactics – Types of Canes for Personal Defense

Self Defense Tips: Stick Tactics – Rob Pincus takes us through a number of hooked walking canes and explains which of their features can be helpful when …

31 thoughts on “Self Defense Tips: Stick Tactics – Types of Canes for Personal Defense

  1. Argonaut says:

    That is virtually the opposiste, of what I want of a self defence cane. I dont want to break skin, I don't know what diseases he might carry. Hepatitis A – Z I suspect.
    I don't want a hook, that might catch at the attackers clothing.

    I want a whippy end and a smashy end. Thats all.

  2. Craig Allen says:

    Either my Google-Fu sucks, or I cannot find anywhere selling these canes. Not even these TYPES of canes.
    I CAN find Rattan "Martial Arts Canes", but just like in my Military world, anything marked "tactical", it is marked up to a ridiculous price/profit margin. Im not paying 4175….AND UP, for a "Martial Arts Cane".
    SO, does anyone have links they could provide?
    I would be very grateful.
    Thank You.

  3. Lance Alexander says:

    I’m so sick of people saying “Oh, you can’t use that, or point that, it’s a felony”. Let me tell you something. I’m 62, I used to be a great fighter. But I’m older now. And if I am going to get attacked, I’ll use any goddamned thing I want to protect my life. I’ll gladly take it up with the judge and be alive than let some punk as thugs take my life. You need to stand up for yourselves. You’ve been brainwashed to just lay down and give up. Pathetic.

  4. Making People Laugh says:

    Very well done. Subscribe. I make walking sticks out of Graphite Golf Club Shafts. They are ultra light weight and likely would impale. The Shepherds Cane featured is very nice. I think I will be making some hardcore canes.

  5. Robert Langley says:

    Bullcrap! Concealed carry is the way to go. “Flail” your hooked cane all around in front of you like a crazy old fart, shout unintelligible phrases as loudly as you can, and while you’ve slightly confused your aggressor, draw your 40 cal and blast him in the crotch six times! You will then have ample time to wobble away with shitty britches.

  6. 7curiogeo says:

    I have to use my cane to walk a lot of times. SSA office security would not let me take it in. I had to reschedule appointment till I could walk with out it. Now it is a wooden cane, I made it. It has a handle. Nothing hidden. Yeah I could use it as a self defence weapon but in SSA office? Why I'm pretty well protected in this office with security. I'm not there for any reason except turn in information requested with an appointment.
    Shocked me also have to remove shoes. I dressed nice and with my major messed up back, lace up boots well, total mistake on my part. Why are they so scared of old man, disabled, and law abiding citizen? Just crazy.

  7. Tim Lipinski says:

    I have a WSH Wood Sheep Hook from Tractor Supply and cut down it down to a long Walking Cane size. The WSH takes a one inch (1") diameter Rubber Foot ! And the WSH is nice to have in a Gun FREE Zone (that is a Gun FREE fire Zone) like the VA… tjl P.S. Must Drill/File some notes in my WSH Cane…

  8. ut561 says:

    i know you are well intended, but i really expected a demonstration video on USING the cane. All that information could have been done in 5 seconds by holding up each cane and saying "Good cane" or "Bad cane", then maybe getting into how to use them. Thanks anyway, sorry for the bad news.

  9. Jorge Mirabal says:

    This is the Best informative YouTube cane defense I've ever seen, you did by our homework kudos to you and your team.
    I definitely liked the explanation about the groves on the cane I have to do that on my cane. . . How can I get your DVD. . .

  10. ZB classic vehicles says:

    I've been making canes for a few years as a hobby. On of my favorite types of wood is cedar because it tends to be soft, generally covered in branches, and I never pick one that is straight. Typically the way I make them the handle usually has a branch going past it upward. I will typically designe that as either a second grip about a round pomel on a sword or it's a a creatures head with a long and narrow snout which makes a good blunt but painful stabbing implement. On the main grip if it goes down I like something pointy provided the wood naturally curves down. As I said it's not straight most of the time but not unusable because it just has an interesting shape. I like the carve snakes curling up and around the cane on a straight section. Apparently I've been making cedar self defense canes for 3 years and never realized what the potential was for it. I don't even use a cane because I have no need for it but I have been known to walk with staffs on rare occasions if I'm going for a long walk

  11. david,r. massey says:

    I keep my home made Cocobolo cane in my hand. Had 4 logs of Cocobolo when it was 16$ a b/ft. now closer to 40+$ a b/ft. Chose a grain patern that had a crack mid lenght of the cain. Stuff weights 70lbs. per cub/ft. Oak is 40# ,so this is some mean shit in a fight. One wack in the Tibia will bring down ANYONE or one wack in the Hyloid bone(throught) wilk kill. Some dummy might make the mistake of his life. If i wack hard enough my cane breaks mid way on that65 degree angle crack changing both havles into stabbing wepons.

  12. kamaeq says:

    Well, downing the derby style cane shown as inferior because it cannot "hook as well" (which has some truth to it) ignores totally the fact that doing a hooking strike with the derby handle (not the plain "fritz" handle) has a better striking surface that is a better "concentrated point" to inflict "extra pressure". Especially if you aren't as interested in hooking to trap, but hooking to do damage because both can be used for tripping.

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