Self Defense Tip Against a Bigger, Stronger Opponent

Defending yourself against a bigger, stronger opponent is a common concern in the martial arts. In fact, it might be the whole reason martial arts were developed …

39 thoughts on “Self Defense Tip Against a Bigger, Stronger Opponent

  1. The Fan says:

    Sensei I have a problem. Temper. I was never a person to go head first into a fight , and I have only been in around 3 fights outside the dojo and now im 19. The problem is , now that im starting to become good at my martial art (shotokan) , I find my fists itching for a fight. I havent been in any fights for this reason but if I (which I rarely do) get mad somehow , I worry about starting rhe fight ( therefore its not self defence) and losing control , resulting in leaving my dojo , stopping my training and potentially hurting someone , even myself. I have self control but not complete. Maybe you could help with a tip just to be safe and avoid losing my temper , or make a video for people in my situation. Love from a little island in Greece , keep being awesome

  2. Ingrid Bashor says:

    Ow! "BEEP!"!!! But no more excuse now. We can win over a stronger opponent. I will never say anymore that:"The opponent is too strong!" In order to train I have to go and buy a six-pack of cans and try the challenge. If I succeed, I will let you know!

  3. Prana Khan says:

    Well, I don't drink soda and I don't drink beer, so the first challenge is to get a hold of one of these ring-thingys! After that, I can't wait to give it a shot. Great discussion as well, thanks

  4. KaîÇee Crane says:

    F (force) = m (mass) * a (acceleration)

    Power = F * v (velocity)

    Learn physics to help your martial arts.
    Look up centripetal force (circular force). It why loops and circles create an easier lift. It's the difference between just pulling up a heavy dumb bell vs. spinning while doing it. Same is true when standing up. Which one is easier?

    Geometry is why your 45° angle is strong. Because of that multiples of 45 (such as 90°, 180°, 270°, 360°, 540°, etc.) are also strong angles. It provides a good structure

  5. iiyaman69 says:

    Great job!! Thank you so much !! 😉 It was nice video 😉 It's a shame that you are so far away I would like to come and train with you.
    Hmm I was looking forward to see some Kung Fu and I am glad that you introduced us to your Sifu thanks for doing it . Kung Fu is a brotherhood that's what my Sifu used to say 😉 so stay positive and keep fighting for a Happy life ^^

  6. Antoua B says:

    Definitely more of Sifu Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just subscribed to your channel so that I can get updates on Sifu Matt's tips and techniques. Waiting. Thx for this awesome video.

  7. Candace H says:

    I love it when they get all sciency… I have been focusing a lot on how a small person like me could stop a big guy. I was wondering how I could transfer more force with my strikes and I noticed getting more reaction out of the bag when the strike had a, well, a snap! I thought of Bruce Lee describing his arms as being like cobras striking. Is this the same principal you guys are talking about?

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