Self Defense Techniques – Five Basic Hand Strikes & Defense

Coach Jeremy will explain how to properly defend your self during an attack with five basic hand strikes. Learn how to deliver a jab, cross, hook, upper cut and …

21 thoughts on “Self Defense Techniques – Five Basic Hand Strikes & Defense

  1. Anderson C says:

    Great tips for a Muay Thai, Boxing…MMA student. On the street…not so much…people assume because it works in the ring and it's "real" (full-contact) it should work on the street.

    Mike Tyson, in a street fight broke his hand…just sayin'…

    If I were younger and thought I NEEDED to learn "street self-defence" I'd study Pancrase. No closed fists. Therefore less likely to fracture a finger or break a few.

  2. ChaosFighter says:

    Guys, whatever you do, don't listen to this guy, all he knows is boxing moves which are not affective against real-world scenarios. There are laws preventing you from using "excessive force" on a attacker so you can't do these techniques on a real attacker, what you want to do is, 1. Run 2. subdue the attacker

  3. Xanto AE says:

    I have a kick I can do I spin around kind of thing and kick them hella hard but every time I think of it it makes me feel dizzy but when I do it it’s not dizzy

  4. Mina Yıldırım says:

    5:26 theres a problem with this move cause the feet in the back is the one making the balance if u twist it .u’ll give ur opponent to make u fall by stepping on ur feet and dogding ur punch at the same time.
    I may be wrong hes the proffenial one but pls correct me if im wrong

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