Self Defense Tactics That Will Get You KILLED in a Street Fight

We have been talking a lot about what to do in a street fight – but how about what NOT to do? Subscribe to my channel …

23 thoughts on “Self Defense Tactics That Will Get You KILLED in a Street Fight

  1. buzzardneckseahag says:

    You have proved something that I have believed for many years
    Compartmentalized techniques and memorize tech Meeks against a knife is foolish and a waste of time but most people in the martial art community do not believe me therefore they consider me. An outsider

  2. ParkourEh says:

    Aren't you conflating two types of sequences here (i.e. short vs. long scale)? Combos used by MMA fighters are sequential, setting up a knee strike is sequential, setting up a takedown and even the takedown itself is sequential and all are utilized by professional fighters of all martial sports. What's different about the sequential nature of hip throw/single leg shot vs. the steps involved with a knife disarm? None. Both are necessary sequences for a technique (i.e. short scale). Planning out the complete sequence of a fight would be long-scale, where your argument stands, but that's entirely different from the steps involved in a particular technique.

    Training slowly is also necessary in order to initially learn a technique. There's nothing wrong with starting off slow. Even simple techniques like a simple jab require beginners to learn slow at first, because bad habits arise when they try to start off too fast. I'm sure you realize this but you're coming off as a "go 100% ALL the time" kind of guy. 


    Nick, what do you think of KRAV MAGA?  Practical?  What are your thoughts?  That would really help.  'Cuz in a StreetFight, everything is UnPredictable.  Your Advice would be great, thank you!

  4. Neil St says:

    I feel pretty proud of my dojo then. Sure, we practice knife defense like what was shown in this vid, but we also go to town with sharpies. You learn quickly to have fear and respect for knives because you will get cut.

  5. Dulguun Otgon says:

    Thing is, that is just one possible way out of millions. It's like a tree, some movement could branch off to some other branches etc. And people don't have time, discipline to learn to lead the situation to best branch you could get in those "bad ass fancy" movements. 

  6. Sadoruro says:

    You're just completely stupid here. Of course any kind of martial arts have scheduled plans on what to do. Like when you were giving your example of real life full speed attack  you still A: grab the arm, B: wrestle that guy (and you stoped here but I can bet it was C: put him down and D: grab the knife).

    Of course there is a schedule plan to follow for everything. You're calling this fake but even you did this. The real thing that was debated on this video was most likely the difference between training in slow motion versus training at full speed and intensity, but even at high intensity adn resistance you still follow a plan.

  7. Ruben1994OL says:

    When it comes to knives, my only tip would be to be prepared to get cut and just accept it. Just try to control how severe the cuts will be. If you hesitate or stop for a second in the middle of the fight because "you can't fucking believe that you just got stabbed/cut!", your numbers are up.  Alot of training facilities forget the mental aspect of fighting. Soldiers are being taught to run through different scenarios in their heads on how to react, what to do in what order if this or that situation would happen. Alot. All the time. Serious martial artists should do the same.

  8. Honhoa Ong says:

    This is true. Blades are quite dangerous. The only real way to defend against a knife is have a knife of your own and kill the other person first.

    That is the only real way. It is basically kill or be killed.

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