Self Defense Tactics: How To Fight With A Knife

How do you defend & attack during a knife fight? In Part 2 of Don’t be a Victim, an exclusive series from Gun Carrier, Coach …

31 thoughts on “Self Defense Tactics: How To Fight With A Knife

  1. gcsoulsurfer says:

    I respect your thinking and training in a knife fighting situation.Having said that, this scenario is just so unpredictable and you most likely will be stabbed or cut really bad.
    Does your attacker have friends? How is your visibility? etc
    Carry a hand gun as per the law where you live.
    Practice, Practice as much as you can.
    Bullet beats knife 99% of the time, as long as you keep distance from your attacker.

  2. Ortund says:

    I have a bit of a problem… If someone's attacking me on the street, I won't necessarily have any warning, he's not going to be like "hey man Ima kill you, lets do the box pattern… you got a knife?" And chances are I won't have my knife out.

    I will though because I'll have identified the threat before I'm in actual danger, so I'll have been alert to the threat beforehand, but still, he's not going to attack me like this. He's going to try blitz me so he'll get in really close as quick as he can… rehearsed moves aren't going to help me.

    What I understand will help me is keeping my distance and keeping that knife away from me…

  3. Kenshin says:

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  4. Rafael M says:

    If you need to use a knife, dont show it for your enemy or wait for his response. Knife fights are not like gladiator with swords fighting or like Achiles vs Hector in Troy. Its all about surprise attack, aiming several and strong strikes RIGHT IN THE NECK!!!! Severing the opponent neck artery is so deadly as shooting someone in the face. You dont want to risk your life battling your attacker, so distract him, beg for your life as if you scared to death, throw your wallet our your cellphone that he wants to the floor and when he bend over, go on full psychotic attack. Dont worry about being stabbed if he become able to react. Just use all your strenght and andrenaline to cut him into pieces. But, remember. HITTING THE NECK IS CRUCIAL! Its the only part of por body that if its stabbed, it means almost instant death

  5. The Best Galaxy says:

    This saved my life thenk you very much! I am a kid and a thief entered in my house. I make my way undetected to the knife and i stabbed him one time, he saw that he fight with me and i killed him with a neck stab. I called the police and the ambulance because i was injured. The best part is i am 15 and i survived a crime thief. Thenk you for the lessons!

  6. DoyouevenPraisetheSun? says:

    Im so not comfortable going up against a short blade. I wish we still lived in a time where carrying a saber or an epee or whatever was still in fashion lol the fencer in me is just "bind his blade and counter" but binding two 3 inch blades is quite a task

  7. Blizzard13_ says:

    So I was jumped on the way home from school, one day by some gang member who was high on some weird stuff. He ran at me which gave me the opportunity to throw him from my hip. He hit the floor and scrambled up whilst drawing a knife. I did a simple disarm by twisting his wrist then hitting his elbow inwards. He dropped the knife which I caught in my left hand and he rolled up his sleeve which revealed a large kitchen knife duct taped to his arm. My instinct kick in and I put the knife in my strong hand (right). He ran at me with this huge blade in my hand and I stepped far back and grabbed his wrist (with the blade in) and with my right hand (with the knife) I slashed the opposite side of his elbow which caused him to immediately throw the knife. I dropped the knife far away so it would not fall into our feet. With my now free hand I punched him in the jaw which caused him to go unconcious. I put the knives next to each other, put him in the recovery position and called the police. So I could have lost my life that day if I didn't know any knife defense. It's absolutely necessary and I highly recommend learning it.

  8. Silver Mirai says:

    One time I had no weapon on me but I managed to escape a dangerous situation by saying "I have a weapon on me, back away" pretty loudly, police style. The attacker was intoxicated but when he heard that, his facial expression turned from out of his mind intoxicated into worried and defensive, almost as if he sobered up for a bit, be backed away to a wall, stopped talking, and while before his hands were up and all over the place, now his hands went down to his side.

    Thinking about it now I should've run away, but hey, lesson learned, run away + carry weapons.

  9. Walker556 says:

    people let me tell you something this guy is full of shit the only time the ONLY time you should pull a knife is if you are 100% sure he doesent have a gun or knife then you should pull your fist out only use a knife as a last resort if you want protection never use a knife unless you have to cuz if theres a person wanting to fight you then they could have a gun then when you do pull a knife your done you allready lost but your thinking well i could do some kind of movement and juke him well no because by just a tiny sqeeze your done you cant dodge bullets like leo you cant do shit unless the person with the gun is a complete fucking dumb ass

  10. Liz Drinks The Coffee says:

    I carry a knife daily. What saved me was my gut instinct to pulled a crazy Michael Jackson move, grabbed my groin with one hand yell "Shomone!!", knife in the other hand and I shit you not the attacker thought I was bat shit crazy and ran off. But please do not do that unless you are ready to kill an attacker.

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