Self Defense Tactics – Close Quarters Knife Defense

Are you interested in self defense techniques? Want to learn about close quarters Knife defense? The close quarters attack is the …

7 thoughts on “Self Defense Tactics – Close Quarters Knife Defense

  1. Mayckon Wolf says:

    The problem with your technique is that you don't avoid atrit,is very danger to try stop this kind of attack because you not know how strong the attack of the agressor is,the best thing is move your body away from the danger area and try some technique.

  2. Andrew Lines says:

    I don't like the technique
    But I will take what I can from it
    I do suggest that within the technique you design an extreme attack in defense !
    Grappling is very dangerous here !

  3. Tom Gough says:

    This is not the best defence for a knife attack as it gives the attacker to many options to counter your moves, The fastest and best defencive move is once you have your hands on his wrist pull away from him and rotate towards his weak side raising his rist up over your shoulder in all one motion pulling has arm down over your shoulder breaking his elbow backwards. If you learn this move you can disable him and end the attack in less than a second. The quicker you put your attacker out of commision the less likely you are to get hurt. Marcial arts submission tactics are for sport, In self defence you need to do serious damage to your attacker as quickly as you can and eliminate his ability to hurt you.

  4. Tyler_ Lalonde- says:

    you're an idiot. we wouldn't be victims if you didn't bullshit. "most people stab because they learned it in prison" that's complete bullshit. people stab because that kills more then slashes. your demo here is set up giving his attack away so you see it coming. so is this robbery or a surprise attack. if it's a surprise he shouldn't have the knife out.

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