Self Defense Sweeps



When you are defending yourself, you might want to bring your opponent down to the ground. A great way to achieve that is to use the sweep. Subscribe to my …

33 thoughts on “Self Defense Sweeps

  1. Gacha Larry says:

    Hey people I got an idea for a kinda street fight + Kung fu sweep, you push them backwards, that’ll knock em off balance, then quickly go behind him and do a tiger tail sweep

  2. PRSer says:

    Sweeps are excellent in both sport and self defense martial arts. They are quick small motor movements that can give you a positive advantage if done properly or at the right time. You're looking for a takedown sweep usually but sweeps can be used as a disruptive technique to cause balance loss that can distract an opponent enough for you to lead into another technique.

  3. Steve Saephanh says:

    Nick its been a while since ive checked out your videos. Last video i watched it was about you asking for suggestions for what the viewers would like to see.
    Glad to see where your channel is at now keep up the good work.

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