22 thoughts on “Self-Defense Strategy for the Push and Shove

  1. Adam L says:

    What's up Nick fyi I really like your videos regarding defense/fight techniques. You really strike me as a person with a lot of experience in the field of mma. I've gotta ask though, would it be appropriate to do the same method as shown in this clip, (circling out from your opponent rather than straight back while maintaining a safe distance to avoid the chance a wild haymaker punch will land flush) and instead driving in and either going for the clinch, underhook, or a body lock? 

  2. martin brown says:

    I reckon if he pushes you with two hands to the chest you could raise your hands in a prayer position both hands together facing each other verticaly like those monks do when they meditate,raise your arms and hands so they are inbetween his forearms and hit both his forearms out to the side with all your speed and power,then use both your hands to get his jugulars with like an inward sort of karate chop.theres a few things you could do,as his arms are in an open position,do all this as fast as possible,good move or dangerous one?

  3. Daniel Skipp says:

    I love Nick's vids but I myself would never let a hostile touch me twice. When they touch you they can control you and hit you before you can react. A push can become a grab and then you often can't easily get away [breaking a grip twisted up in your shirt is not always easy]  whilst they may grapple you or use a weapon or others attack.

  4. gypsykatcher30 says:

    The pyschological distraction method you mentioned before works really well im guessing.
    Havent used it yet. But to get someone to start thinking, then ever attack or move away, is effective im guessing.

  5. Cleano Cavalcante says:

    @creativecombats I'm impressed with the practicalness aspects of all your videos. They are incredibly instructional and really straight to the point. It's sad to see some "fantasy pressure point one hit KO self defence" videos get tons of views and likes.
    You are also a great master, has excelent didactic, know how to pass the knowledge.
    I'd really like to
    You're the real deal, congratulations. 🙂

  6. darkside3704 says:

    @RedGr3mlinz Actually most times circling to the left is a better option. also the closer your in toward your opponents hay makers the less force of the blow you actually take. plus its easier to see body movement. it takes practice i say about 400 fights worth of practice to get used to everything and what to expect. in military school we did drills like this were an everyday occurance.

  7. Yang Unchained says:

    A thought went to my mind when i saw this.

    You say "move around" … so if i move around, i will some time move in to his strike range? ..

    I mean – if i move right – if he counter fast and do a right hay maker he have both my momentum to the right "going INTO" his fist? .. or am i thinkin wrong now?

    Thank you 4 all the awesome videos.

  8. bertjuhnl says:

    Also, moving around instead of straight back gives two more benefits. One is that you can see around you. Maybe more of his friends are behind you holding who knows what. Secondly, assuming your outside you don't back up into the street and possibly get hit by a car.

  9. BRichLife says:

    ive watched about 12 of ur videos so far and all of them are good. they have REAL teachniques in REAL motion, and real life scenarios, from a person who I think, as it seems, has acctually seen and been in REAL street fihts.

    Good vids man, thanks for em.

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