Self Defense Selective Hearing Drill

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5 thoughts on “Self Defense Selective Hearing Drill

  1. 無理だぞ says:

    Useful advice, especially in social settings. Though, I believe this skill is very hard to use due to the multiple things happening in a confrontation situation.

    Also, doesn't adrenaline impair hearing?

  2. Jacksone says:

    I'm finding these videos very useful in training. I'm not in "public" a lot walking on the sidewalk or waiting at bus stops or anything so my exposure is pretty limited compared to some people but still. My main reason for watching is when I have a date and she is to a degree, "my responsibility." I found the video's on your other channel about protecting and shielding the girl very helpful. Thanks very much again for the videos, nick.

  3. Silke F says:

    2 days ago, this was a saturday, my mate and I went to a shop to buy something to drink and eat. At the cash some big turkish guy was next to me. He suddenly out of nowhere told me that he can´t stand me and I should not stand next to him and hold my money in my hand because he can´t stand to see me with money in my hand. He really said it this way. Its totally incredible isn´t it?

    So I thought about Nick Drossos and that I always thought you can´t get that easy into a fight, but in that moment I thought like he would push me into a fight scene without that I want to be part of a fight. So I looked at him and smiled. I learned in other videos from other people that you also should strongly be self confident and stay relaxed and cool.

    And this I did so the girl at the cash smiled also and said to me that this guy is a bit violent and its creepy. He explained after that to this girl that I harrased him a second ago (!!!!) because I played with my coins of money in my hand. Its incredible what he said. So I thought "Ok, thats unbelivable, this I have to post under one of the Nick Drossos videos, lets see if people say something about this or if the believe it at all… its so crazy…"

    So I continued to smile and paid with my coins and wanted to get out of the store, but this big guy told me that I should wait till he paid and we 2 would go out of this store together and have a conversation of the parking place were noboy would bother us because we would be alone outside in the darkness.

    And this really was the moment were I thought "Ok this guy has really some mental problems and he tries to get my cash or tries to beat me up for no reason" so I played with the idea to go away and home or to really face the moment and fight with this guy. But he was almost 2 heads larger and pretty fat and I´m just little and petite so I thought with a laugh that he would just sit on me and the fight is over. My mate watched the situation and told me to face this guys anger and beat him to the ground. My mate said I´m a lot stronger because I do muscle training every day. I know you should not do training every day but I decided to train every day and I feel so strong and healthy like never before.

    In a real chaos situation I would have maybe lost a fight. Not sure. This guy had so much more mass. But my idea was to concentrate on his head. Nose, ears and mouth are very sensitive – no matter how strong and massy you are. And I learned in another video that massive or fat guys got not much endurance. They just have a short time peak of power and after a few minutes they lost all their power and they need a lot air. So probably I should do a research how you can take away from someone his energy very fast. A person without much energy has not much power. And thats what I love. Its a science. Its not just fighting technics. Its more. Its a very important subject to protect yourself.

    Fighting with a fat and massive guy is not easy for a petite little person. Its more like some large angry bear tries to fight with a puma I guess. But I have to say that I saw videos here on YouTube were pumas won fights against bears. Animal videos are a very good source of fighting technics. Sibirian tigers as a example are very dangerous fighters. They can kill bears without problems. And jaguars hunt for big crocodiles and kill them in the water and jaguars also swim back with the large crocodiles in their mouth. Jaguars have the most impressive bite force power of all predator animals and its 1.500 kg which is the same bite force of a large crocodile.

    Maybe we all should learn a bit more from animals. I know that asian fighting technics already got many animals as fighting technics extracted. But thats for pro fighters and MMA and other pro stuff. The normal average guy and female probably should try out one of Nick Drossos "Dirty Fight Technics" with scratching the face of the attacker very wild and fast. Thats again something were animals are very good. Animals don´ need technics. They just are effective because they go the simple path and just stratch or bite. So simple and dirty tricks in fighting with someone should be already a good fighting concept.   

    Stay save!

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