29 thoughts on “Self Defense – One Handed Grab

  1. Dimples Efa says:

    Great video content! Apologies for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you thought about – Chireetler Dread Free Rule (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for learning self effective defence moves minus the normal expense. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my best friend Jordan got cool success with it.

  2. bee pot says:

    You need to be damn confident in your ability and strength to make this work. And even then it won't always work. A lot of times you can push right thru this kind of grab if they are pissed enough. It'd be better to just walk away or punch him and run away. Joint locks are awesome for demonstrations but it's really hard to do in real life.


    Bob…I'm 73 with a reasonable grounding in defence..however..I teach senior citizens and obviously they have limitations re mobility and strength.The small videos you provide on your site have given me more options for the strike and flight I teach and I look forward to your full course I have ordered.Great stuff …Geoff Rogers

  4. The Man says:

    IF you're going to use a joint lock, immobilize the man—don't just bend his wrist! Don't rely on pain-compliance to control someone who could be on drugs. These techniques have a high failure rate if used on their own. Someone could grab and stab—you don't have time to play with his wrist! You better pay attention to their other hand as well! Don't think that lock will immobilize a determined attacker… if it would people would use it in grappling competitions.

  5. ryan dravinski says:

    1:52 kotagashi from aikido?
    2:10 Ikkyo from aikido?

    My guess is you come from Japanese jujutsu? First video I've ever seen of you.

    Also a tip when employing the Ikkyo keep it to your body and push it down towards your knees. You have more pressure and power.

  6. Biker says:

    I would not stand square on eather step in with right foot and strike than grab, or left foot back upon grab strike they may not even get to grab you have to flow.

  7. TPS Training says:

    I respect you sir! And i like your presentation. But this is a classic failure. The right thing do you, should be to put up your hands (palm open) and deescalate.

    I couldnt dream using that technique in my school years, and after 13 years of training i still wont.

    You can do this maybe on way smaller ppl (and i have done this in training). But in reality your (even in school) adrenalized and putting a jointlock on schoolkollegues IS hard to do, if its not in a groundfight.

    Keep up the work!

  8. Mortgage Financing says:

    Terrible terrible movement. This guy is not even doing this at a white belt level correctly. You will notice he is grabbing the wrist of the attacker with his thumb not around the attackers hand with a correct grip. Their is no leverage without his thumb around the hand.Its like grabbing a hockey stick with your thumb on top of the stick. You can not maintain a grip or strength or any leverage. This is the problem of today when total beginners go on the internet and teach as if they are masters when they don't even know the basics of how to grab. This guy demonstrates he has had no martial arts training at all. Absolute tragedy. These people that go on you tube to teach with not even the basis are embarrassing themselves and making martial arts look bad.

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