Self Defense Myths Debunked

For more on self defense: Personal protection isn’t as convoluted as many instructors make it out to be, and in this …

14 thoughts on “Self Defense Myths Debunked

  1. Bill Fox says:

    Excellent video, thanks. I believe that the most important aspect is being aware of your surroundings. I've made myself unpopular at a lot of seminars, self-defence and for specific styles, for asking "why would you let yourself get into that situation in the first place?" (rear naked choke, both wrists grabbed, whatever). For that reason I teach my students to be proactive/pre-emptive. The basic philosophy of my style is "Don't be there".

  2. Daniel Skipp says:

    Quite good but… should have explained the historical reasons for wrist grab defences [samurai sword control]… and grabs DO happen… a lot. People commonly grab to threaten, to punch, to butt, knee, rag around, smash and/or pin or throw you into walls, floor, furniture or to attack or threaten with a weapon, even to bite. Not sure a palm to the face is a panacea to being shoved backwards by surprise with a two-armed push and then grabbed to be pulled or pushed into X [one of the afore-listed attacks]. It happens and a chin jab isn't always gonna fix it.

  3. Alexander Lopez says:

    There is no problem with learning wrist escapes or wrist locks or something like that but half the people who are learning these techniques are not trying to become Aidido masters which some of those basic techniques come from…that is the problem. When you meet some one well versed in aikido they are AMAZING but just learning one or two aikido moves and not know what to do with if the first technique doesn't go smoothly will hurt you in real life. There is nothing wrong with these techniques if you want to go all the way and become a master. But using only these basics and not knowing how to really apply it is suicidal.

  4. SuperHawk1978 says:

    Great videos, my school is of much the same thought as you, palm strike, face rake, hammer punch till the threat is over.
    One question though, if you say the traditional stuff doenst work,(and I can see the reasoning as demonstrated, ie the guy goes along with it in training) why bother practicing it?

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