I this video Nick Drossos talks about the self defense laws and legal implications. After posting 5 ways to strike the throat many people asked about the risks of …


  1. Lexi Logan says:

    Thanks so much for posting this one! This was really helpful as I didn't know my rights when it came to the laws in the U.S and defending myself. Excellent videos!

  2. Wōtan says:

    You can actually use force that would otherwise seem out of proportion, namely if you genuinely fear for your life or others in your care.

    If somebody punched you in the face and say you fell down, if they kept advancing or say go for kicks to your face, you'd be legally justified in using any kind of weapon to stop the threat.

    The other issue is of course the fact that in most countries you're not supposed to be carrying a gun or other weapons, you can still get jail time for possession of illegal weapon but that doesn't mean you have to get punished for using them in lawful self defense.

    I hear this said a lot and it isn't true at all, it perpetuates a common urban myth.

  3. Gumaro R. Villamil says:

    if put in such a situation, strike fast and hard, and bail as soon as your able. unless they have your information (like your wallet or whatever, or at a place you frequent, after a fight, there's no need to stick around.

  4. Gaming Blade says:

    If someone is bullying you mentally not physically or he may be pushing you do you go preemptive with palms and elbows or you go for the throat and end it? Or finally you stay were you are and do nothing?

  5. Christopher Foreman says:

    haha oh man you should see how ridiculous California laws are. Like one guy broke into someone's house by breaking and entering a window. His dumb ass cut himself then sued the owners because he hurt himself on their property even though he trespassed , vandalized and entered the owner's home.

  6. Predator says:

    The only self defense instructor who covered this subtle yet very important point. You are great Nick. And for everyone out there who isn't a blackbelt or something; martial art is just a part of self defense not wholly the thing. Learn the basics jab cross kick block, practice it and you are good to go.

  7. Mario Tovar says:

    This is a really good topic. In my opinion, you should always go full force. If something i've learned from watching Nick's vids is that miss reading a situation or making false assumption of what is happening can easily get you kill. Nice work man, keep it up!

  8. NothingMaster says:

    Thanks a whole bunch Nick, for this all-important and ethically responsible video. This has always been my top concern, when it comes to self defense scenarios. The fact that you have taken the time to address this tricky issue shows a high level of social and ethical responsibility. Excellent, and as usual realistic, advice.

  9. Vika Levin says:

    Do you have any tips on self defense for a a woman of 5ft 110 pds against a 6ft 190 pd (scenario) I can't reach throats and I lack arm length. Easy to get swooped up.

  10. ♔ King Jay ♔ says:

    I read somewhere California has a stand your ground law, if you feel threatened and tried multiple times to diffuse the fight, but he keeps coming, you could fight back instead of literally running away.

  11. Rick J. says:

    The best way to avoid these situations entirely, is to stay away from places, where you know something physical could escalate. Especially bars, and clubs, where dumb asses has "liquid courage" pumping through their system.

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