Self-Defense Knives | How to Carry a Knife



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16 thoughts on “Self-Defense Knives | How to Carry a Knife

  1. Dan Benson says:

    I always carry a knife. Mine is a Gerber with a thumb hole in the blade which works intuitively. The main thing is to practice your draw. I practice whenever I draw it from my pocket, just as I do with my pistol. I only had to draw it once in self defense and had it in my hand with the blade open before I consciously realized it. Once I had it in my hand, the anti-social punk backed up, allowing me to walk away without having to use it. Be prepared.

  2. Doug Davis says:

    I was issued a KA-Bar fighting knife in Vietnam. It became the tool we used for most everything. A thick blade heavy enough to use to pry things apart but sharp enough to shave with.

  3. Charlie H says:

    Benchmade have been my go-to both in service and as a civilian. Their Northfork and Adamis are terrific…. and they beyond razor sharp straight from the factory.

  4. I'm Just Saying... says:

    I'm wishing Neil (and Kim) a Happy Father's Day with their recent arrival of a new subscriber (bundle of joy)! My heart also goes out to your family as law enforcement is taking a beat down through out the major cities by certain politicians, Government officials (State and local), etc. Stay safe and watch your backs!

  5. Ghost Rider says:

    Great vid Neil. I travel through Geauga county often. What are the local laws for knives? Any blade length restriction on a folder or fixed blade? Any problems with it being concealed?

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