34 thoughts on “Self Defense — Knife Attack (26.4.2013)

  1. David43515 says:

    Wow! This is just bad all the way around. I almost don't know where to begin. Before he tries to teach anyone to defend against a knife maybe he should train in depth in a style that actually uses a knife offensively. This guy is going to get people killed with his nonsense.

  2. Krav Maga of Orange County - Mission Viejo says:

    This is NOT Krav Maga. You NEVER touch the blade… Never…. Not even if it is a rubber training knife in class… Never, never do you ever touch the blade! Shocking that the reporters gut instinct to avoid danger (a sharp blade) could be so easily quelled by some guy impersonating a Krav Maga instructor teaching a completely bogus technique! Ugh!

    So many things wrong here. The guy doesn't even know the difference between a knife attack and a knife threat.

  3. Jose Sanchez says:

    1. Too many steps. You think in a high stress situation where you are in terror for your life you will remember all that?

    2. Grabbing the knife hand like that in a high stress situation, you would probably end up causing the attacker to cut your throat.

    3. Grabbing the blade?? Are you retarded?? Of course you're going to cut your fingers off, you moron!

    Maybe if your attacker has a plastic knife and is trying to help you kick his ass this could work. Maybe. Otherwise, a shambolic knife defense. How embarrassing.

  4. John Freeman says:

    My recommendation: Let the "teacher" do this technique against someone (not a student) with a real blade who is resisting only slightly against the grab. It seperates the cream from the BS…

    ExpressoPartners: you should be ashamed to put up such a clip that will seriously harm anybody who tries this in a real life szenario. This is like saying "jumping out of a window" is the fastest and safest way to get to the ground floor from the penthouse.

  5. jpsholland says:

    What a unbeliveble bunch of bullshit. Who is this asshole anyway? With a real knive she will lose her fingers which bleed and hurt so much that the agressor has all the time in the world to rape her and cut her to pieces. In the same situation, real Krav Maga even not allow the guy to come so close with a knive, disarm and couterattack way before the knive is close to the neck. The worst is he call himself TRUE Krav Maga…… This will only work if one wears a chainmail glove. And i did'nt see that much on the street.

  6. saschaganser says:

    Really the worst you can do is turn the back to the attacker. Especially when he's holding a knife.
    To grab the blade is a desperation move, your instinct will force you to let the blade free when you get cut and feel the pain- and you will, for sure.
    There is no counter attack, so the attacker is unharmed as long as you need to fix the armbar.
    It's a bad idea to stop a knife attack with an armbar, this is extremly dangerous, especially if you are a girl and may not be strong enough to hold the armbar against a much stronger male attacker.

    In the video, there's also a timing lack. The girl is ready, her arms are up. When the attacker pulls out the knife, he should never be able to get it close to the neck. Kick his groin, do the regular defense or run. When the attacker comes that close, something went terribly wrong.

    Don't grab the blade, don't turn your back.

  7. John Hileman says:

    Please STOP posting "self defense" videos. Someone might accidentally see them and think you know what the hell you're talking about and get themselves killed. I might suggest some lessons from an actual self-defense instructor. 

  8. J i m says:

    I really hate to get on the bandwaggon but even if you did manage to control the knife (and I must agree with the spirit of these comments) the moment you turn your back on him like that he's going to either grab you round the neck or pound at your head. You've become completely fixated on the weapon.

    Not all Krav Maga is like this, people!
    Like many things it's popularity has done it no favours. It's gone off in many different directions with many different people.

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