32 thoughts on “Self-Defense Instructor vs 2 Street Thugs

  1. preparetodefend says:

    I can't believe all the negative comments I'm reading here it seems a lot of people obviously don't get the points of this video. First of all I think is that an attack can happen to you at any time anywhere so being aware is crucial. Sometimes you only have a split second to react and decide what your gonna do. 2ndly Nick didn't how they were gonna move this wasn't rehearsed those guys were going full speed and not complying meaning there goes your slow mo fancy stuff where the guys giving you his arm and standing still. 3rd the most important thing that Nick is taking his time and trying to teach us not just this video but all of them is the mindset getting out and surviving having that mindset yes he got stabbed a few times like you might in a real fight where some dirtbag pulls a knife but he kept fighting he didn't say die guess what people survive stab wounds I heard of this woman who was stabbed 6 times by a mugger with a 6 inch blade she survived

  2. Ugyen Norbu says:

    Great video. Realistic situation. No flashy moves or techniques. Just plain, simple street survival technique. Thanks for the video. One great technique is how you use the first attacker as a shield and attack the lower structure and the knee to upper body. I think its great.

  3. Leroy Thornes says:

    I can see all your tips from other videos coming out in this…..going infront of one attacker and traping hus weapon then using him as a shield while in the mean time ur making Him get tired soo he has little energy to attack….good videos man…keep up the good work

  4. Joseph Howell says:

    I'm not sure what is more interesting, the video or the comments. Apparently you're either going to love it or hate it.. I personally commend these guys for attempting to put up a video that makes you think. Personally, I'm not out running anyone. He did a good job creating distance from the knife whenever he could.

    I would even fair to guess in real life the guy with a knife ends up with a broken arm. You can see the defender lay off at times.

    Those if you that are saying this is not real life, you're right, this is a depiction and it's as real as you're going to get.

    Thank you for taking your time to creat this video and to try and help others out.

  5. Abimanyu Saridjo says:

    im sorry but when someones comes at you with a knife. you RUN. it doesnt have to br a stab. a cut to a vital area can make you bleed slowly. theyre only carrying a knife. why get close to them? you can train for it sure, but out 10 slashes, 3 will most likely hit you. 3 potential fatal slashes. dont take the risk. RUN

  6. theguy9208 says:

    so the main thing this great video teaches you is that fighting 2 large men, one of which is armed, is a bad idea, so either shoot them or run away, even if you manage to keep them from taking you to the ground you are going to get stabbed or cut regardless or your actions… unless your able to run away like a coward!

    remember, its better to be a live coward than a dead hero

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