Self Defense Instructor Testing the Effects of Bleeding in a Knife Attack

32 thoughts on “Self Defense Instructor Testing the Effects of Bleeding in a Knife Attack

  1. tonda01 says:

    Great video. What to do if you run out from knife attack but attacker will follow you? Is better to stop and fight or try to escape them and rick you will fell down or something(worse case scenario).

  2. Miguel Perez says:

    Great advice and demostration. maybe you have done this but i havent seen it; maintaining oneselve while bleeding in the face (eyebrow or nose) how to keep eyes open?

  3. Red Ghost says:

    my friend got stabbed in the shoulder. He didn't even know what happened. We all helped him get this guy down and gave him a kicking. After we had ran away we noticed the knife stuck in his shoulder lol no blood at all really. The guy lost his grip on the knife as soon as it went in! Moral of the story: Slippiness works both ways.

  4. xon tyr says:

    what really matters in a fight, especially a knife fight is havimg enough anger, heart, agreesion, speed, and physical ability rather than a few weeks of training. ya. it sucks when your hands get cut up. i just lucky and the person calmed down once i grabbed ahold of there wrist.

  5. Casey Bryan says:

    that's a good idea or theorie you could start the fight out by getting cut then trapping the knife is almost impossible with blood and sweat train multiple different knife defense techniques that way you have a fighting chance against an attacker

  6. Russell Davis says:

    Dont think I would use both hands to try secure the knife, got to strike opponent. also good to develop "habits" like always carrying an equalizer like keys, pen, magazine (rolled up) and of course NEVER get pissed (drunk) if you are aware enough you can usually see dangers, so avoid them.

  7. EarlyMist says:

    I used to be involved in Antique fairs…my mother ran them and as her sons we were put on security detail. There was a thief who nabbed an old vintage whaling knife. We were alerted and as he left we confronted him (my older bro and I). He pulled said knife out and waved it around and what ensued was a full on chase up a major road with shopping centre the whole way up…my bro and I trying to kick the knife out of his hand and knocking over cafe chairs and barricades. it was fucking full on. We got about two blocks up and this bastard pulls over a 4 wheel drive, jumps in and holds the driver at knife point. The cops found him five suburbs away and arrested him. The moral of the story is I don't regret our actions to this day knowing what I knew back then…and we had it over on this guy he was a quaking mess but man I would NEVER do shit like that these days..older and wiser. Someone could have been hurt very badly.

  8. Bob Mangal says:

    Use a good Headbutt if you are unarmed in a knife fight surprisingly your opponent would have never expect it from that angle and its the exact opportunity since heads are in very close distance to hammered . A good headbutt and he is popped out like light switch.


    What I like about this is that it brings up the psychological aspect of a situation. There are many out there that train, and do fancy moves, and believe that because they have mastered technique that they can function in real life like they do in training gyms. Please keep the videos coming. Thank you.

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