Self Defense Instructor and MMA Fighter discuss about Personal Protection

In this video clip, Nick Drossos (self defense instructor) discusses with Davis Dos Santo (MMA professional fighter) about self-protection. If you’re faced with an …

32 thoughts on “Self Defense Instructor and MMA Fighter discuss about Personal Protection

  1. JinKazshima says:

    Hi Nick, I just wanted to ask what fighting styles you did to become like this since it looks very effective (even learned some thing here and there). I don't know which fighting style I should do because kickbox looks kinda mainstream, and I don't have any local taekwondo or karate dojo and karate might look a bit boring IRL and I just don't know which I should do. Maybe you could give me some advise for fighting style that I could just use on the streets?

  2. vico dy says:

    Nick, I just watched you're video on how to defend with you're girlfriend. but I'm a father of 2 ,how do you defend with your wife and kids a gang,thief,knife or in the car attacks? you're a family man as well so I think you'll understand. thanks Nick godbless stay safe 🙂

  3. Jamessr23 says:

    So in summary BJJ and wrestling are the only 2 variants that you can train at 100% without hopefully hurting your opponent. The rest of them can only be practiced at slower speeds

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