Self defense – Hand To Hand Combat _ Marine Corps L I N E Training

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39 thoughts on “Self defense – Hand To Hand Combat _ Marine Corps L I N E Training

  1. Евгений Кошелев says:

    в СССР такая ересь называлась РБ-3 – рукопашный бой (№3). Полное унылое говно.
    Чисто для того, чтобы солдаты, десантники и морские пехотинцы не страдали от скуки в казарме…в США – тоже самое, аналогичное дерьмо

  2. mark bajanik das says:

    This are the same guys, who cried and handed over their weapons to funny looking Iranians in funny looking gunboats,in the Persian gulf last year… just Google united states marine cries when confronted by funny looking Iranians…

  3. Dwight Turner says:

    I went through boot camp at Parris Island in 1964. We learned a different kind of hand-to-hand combat. The shit in this video can be deadly to a Marine unless a Marine practices constantly. In a kill or be killed situation (REAL combat against an enemy trying to kill you), the bottom line is to overpower your enemy by screaming at the top of your lungs while attacking the most vulnerable areas of your opponent….the throat, solar plexus, shins, and gonads. While a Marine is trying to place his thumb on top of his enemy's hand (as being taught in this video) the enemy will be kneeing the poor bastard in the nuts. What a crock of shit! Rifle butts, goddammit…. anywhere to the head. Thrust your bayonet to the center of mass. The hand-to-hand shown here is too technical. Fight god-damned DIRTY!!!! That's the secret of winning in a hand-to-hand situation.

  4. Larry Mckinzy says:

    I've seen other Real Time video better * this is only a basic introduction for fresh Soldiers * overall I enjoyed the video and I'm glad they did not show anything else we do not have to share everything when it comes to our military.

  5. qoqtek says:

    1.Grab-twist-grab = kotegaeshi
    2.Reverse twist lock = hiji shime(a bit modified)
    3.counter to the front choke = hiji shime + osoto gari
    4.counter to choke = yonkajo
    I can see Aikido techniques in marines training.
    Now I am waiting for idiot MMA psychofans to start their hate attacks. :)))

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