Self Defense – Gun Take Away Technique by MySurvivalSkills101

This video presents a gun take away technique. The Rhino from MySurvivalSkills101 channel shows us how it is done. Note: This is a last resort self defense …

35 thoughts on “Self Defense – Gun Take Away Technique by MySurvivalSkills101

  1. yuowatcher says:

    Do not come back to release his trigger finger, keep forcefully continue in the same direction, breaking his trigger finger, even with one hand on his gun with the same size person you have enough strength to do it.

  2. yuowatcher says:

    There is one thing I was trained in gun disarming. Once you have his gun, you cycle the slide to clean jam, and put two shots into attacker. That was an integral part of disarm technique, so the whole thing goes as one smooth fast action. The reason for that is: the same as you took his gun away, he can take it away from you. Therefore, you need to prevent him to bring situation back to his original advantage of having gun. This was designed for battle field, so civilian law may punish you. But when you are defending from attack your first priority is your life, and future legal trouble will never come if you don't survive.

  3. SC Rider says:

    Hi, this maybe different thread; AK74, read your article and have seen AK74, that shoots reliably, is about 2x the cost of AK47, that presumable shoots reliably. Ammo for both is the same.

     More AK 47 rifles in US than 74, so more parts, 47 mags more plentiful and more low cost than 74.

    Agree 74 less recoil, but this outweighed it seems by the upfront costs and other issues above. Thanks for your vids.

  4. Andrew Hellsing says:

    nice lesson but that will only work if the person want to come close enough needless to say they can shot you first if they want to make it easy just saying even though yes the gun fire will be loud most people will run and as for the cops they will most likely be late unless there is one around the corner this is just what notice also as another possibility just saying  

  5. Ed Blanco says:

    I don't like to criticize but this is the worst advice I have seen. What's going to happen when the gun goes off in your hand is that the slide is going to cycle violently, forcing your hand off the gun. It's not going to be just a little burn. It might also tear your hand up, but at the very least your instinctual reaction is that your going to remove your hand. You might be able to get away with this against a revolver, but even then the blast out of the side of the cylinder may be enough to force your hand off. It will NOT work against a semi-auto handgun. 

    In order to teach anti gun techniques, you not only need to understand self defense, you need to understand how guns work. 

  6. Jaybird196 says:

    What I would like to see in the MA weapon disarm scene are more disarms where the weapon is disarmed from the opponent's far arm (whether it be a knife or gun), instead of his lead. We can't always count on the enemy being unknowledeable about keeping his weapon out of easy reach of someone who doesn't immediately back down just because a weapon has been drawn.

  7. Jaybird196 says:

    If you do quick enough, he won't even get the chance to make a second shot. Plus, there is a reasonable degree of likelihood that pressure on the slide might prevent a second shot from being mechanically possible.

  8. ebombar says:

    Thank you for your training video. The question on my mind is, if you circle the barrel towards the guy with his finger locked on the trigger and when this causes a second shot wouldn't that execute the guy instantly?

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