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  1. theartbook35 says:

    That's what happened to me today. I was being confronted and stood up because I had the room to do so, and I told my attacker to back away. She didn't. My mom pepper sprayed her, and she still didn't back away. There was a second person involved, and I was slammed into the chair by two attackers and I was in that vulnerable position. At that point, all I could do was scream, guard my head and kick. I kicked her hard enough in the gut that I made her fly backward. I almost got up, but was pushed down by the other person. Even though I had to go to the hospital, still, my training in how to guard my head and my vitals is what kept me from having broken bones, and no blows to my face.

  2. Kevin Marshall says:

    The whole point of this video is the what if scenario of them getting close to you "while you are sitting down" but still defend yourself… I'm in a wheelchair (broke my back when i had just turned 13 years of age in an accident) but if i get my hands on someone, well the last few times ive got into a fight was never 1 on 1 its always black gangs jumping me with 2-4 on one odds some fights i had help most i didnt but still @ the end someone is pulling me off of one of the attackers 8 times out of 10.. I was checking out defense moves for a spinal injury but as is i have a hellatious understanding of how the human body works and my other two strength's are the punches i can take, give and just the str8 up power advantage i have over all that ive fought so far..

    Been in 8 fights in the past 15 years 'never me starting the fights they always came to me' but @ the end it's them begging any and everyone to get me off of them when it's one on one.

  3. anotherboredperson says:

    It's a really unrealistic position to be in. Why would you be sitting in a chair like that without a table? If you were on a bench, why not just stand up or pop off to the other side as you stand up?

    The actual situations where you can't just stand up are ones where you aren't going to be attacked from the front because there's a table in the way, likely bolted to the floor/wall.

    In that regard you need to either position your legs to duck out the side, or otherwise use your limited availability and/or things on your table to your advantage.

  4. TWoN says:

    You should listen to your volunteer. He seems to understand self defense concepts much better than you.

    Your priority when an aggressor is coming towards you is to get up and face them. You should NEVER allow someone who you perceive as a physical threat to get within striking distance before you are standing, facing them, and in a defensive position.

  5. tatonkaa says:

    some motherfucker tried to choke me from behind at a bar. I guess I was hitting on his ex girlfriend and he was angry. Fucking flipped him over my back onto the table and the table collapsed. It was one of my finest moments.

  6. magillasviews says:

    Hi, as an Instructor i like that you empathize tbat reality dictates that violent events dont hapoen as easy as a b c d e etc, and that knowing options but situational awareness is the most important defence. Good work, your vids will save a lot of people a lot of anguish and pain. If i may say to your viewers, dont be afraid to hurt an attacker.

  7. Silke F says:

    so to keep it simple, nick, could you also try to do a video how to deal with assholes that would use a metal chain bike lock and other "abnormal"things to hurt someone? you did videos for knifes, but there are so many other "daily" things that people could use in a "abnormal" way to hurt someone. examples: broken bottle (sharp glass) – how to deal with a guy and such a situation? or say, a metal stick, someone found it and runs around screaming that he´s pissed and you are in his way, so how to deal with it? — thats not to far out of the window or unrealistic, because on news there are enough situations because such things happen… criminals are everywhere… or say… for woman… how should a woman deal with a guy that already has her handbag in his power with one hand? should she hit on his hand? or into his face? or use pepper spray? but how should she get the pepper spray if its in the handbag that the criminal has in his hand to some degree? complex i guess, but these should be some good points to make your tutorials even more advanced for your fans… it would be really great if you could do something with that what i wrote… i mean these are daily situations that happen… 

  8. Silke F says:

    i got a question @ nick drossos & his team: a friend of mine had a nightmare experience. a good friend of mine was on the street and it was a bit dark outside already and some badass guy (he´s known in our city by the police as a criminal and very reckless psychopath asshole) used a bike lock (not sure if this is the correct word) but i mean that what you use to protect your bike from getting stolen and it was out of metal (it was a metal chain like bike lock) and this psychopath asshole slapped my friend on his head with it without any reason!!! my friend was trying to run away but this other psychopath asshole guy hold him with one arm and slapped on his head with a metal chain bike lock and a police car came around the corner so the other guy was running away and my friend went to hospital. the police put this asshole guy into jail because he got 29 (!!!) crimes in 1 (!!!) year in our little city and since 3 months this asshole is out of jail again and he looked last time at me and said to his girlfriend with a smiling face "do you know this little cunt right here?" and his girlfriend looked at me and said "yes" but i don´t know him or her and last time he also looked at me but with a very angry facial expression. he got 2 pitbulls with him and his girlfriend also is dangerous. she spit my other friend into his face and told him that he is a cunt (!!). why? because her boyfriend (this psychopath) tried to steal the jacket from my other friend and he told it his father so the father went to this psychopath but the psychopath punched the father that intense that the father was on the street in fron of the cars. so the police again put him in jail but again he came out of jail after 2 years. dealing with psychopath bullies is another subject i guess. this asshole even was punching a grandma around age 70 on the floor and it ws on news paper that he did it. its really a shame that such evil nasty people exist. he got no respect. but look at him and he will directly punch you or his girlfriend will spit on your face. both did not do anything yet to me, but if he should open his mouth, why should i go away and say that he should leave me alone? i will not go away. maybe i´m not into fighting, but i watch your videos Nick, and one day your videos probably will help me to survive a fight. its not a nice topic, but you can end up fast in a fight because enough psychopaths run around and some psychopaths really are hardcore demonic assholes. i´m little and not big or looking like the undertaker, but i guess he even would spit into the face of the undertaker. its like some people really enjoy it to be demonic. no idea how to deal with such people if they want to fight because they don´t care if they kill someone. they are cold. really abnormal cold. i think there is a difference between how normal bullies fight or want to fight and how real "demonic" psychopath assholes fight. they really are so much more destructive. its not about that you pissed them. its like they are possessed by evil forces. i´m not into religion but i think it could be that evil forces take control over certain people that are psychopathic enough to destroy someones life. so people should be aware of that and learn some fighting concepts and skills how to deal with — "super destructive behaviour"  

  9. jakc3d says:

    Nick, please do the same video but this time, with one of your larger friends/students like Big Nick (6'7) or Rock. Out of curiosity, how tall is Rock? He looks pretty tall too.

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