Self Defense for Girls and Women

This video teaches teenage girls and women practical Tae Kwon Do self-defense techniques and also imparts useful personal safety tips recommended by the …

29 thoughts on “Self Defense for Girls and Women

  1. Edalb123 says:

    To the women watching this video I had a few questions and would love to hear from a female perspective:

    1) What are you most scared/fearful of regarding self defense against a male aggressor?
    2) What sort of attack(s) scares you the most?
    3) How do you feel you should be taught from a male instructor? Should we treat you any differently than teaching men?
    4) Do you think there should be elements of fear taught in a class to replicate real life assaults or should everything be light-hearted and fun?

    I have trained in martial arts/self defense and have wanted to one day teach women self defense and I would love to hear what women would like to see if they were to ever attend a self defense class.

  2. Paul Ramnora says:

    I think, the topic of self-defence is really a very large one, indeed; it includes the defender having to go face all different types of attacks…directions: forwards/backwards/sideways…high/middle/low attacks…standing up/sitting/lying down/when picked up…empty hand/armed attack…single attack/multiple attack/-etc. It concerns having situation awareness/dressing sensibly/having good poise/use of distraction/voice. Also, the effect of using light attack/medium/hard(not every situation you wish to 'kill' the attacker who might be just merely drunk/or, a friend/family member/-etc). Furthermore, seeing just one video, alone; is not likely to teach you too much; I would recommend viewing as many videos as is possible. Certainly, I think, that having some knowledge is far better than having none; but, on the other hand, if that knowledge is applied wrongly; then, many of the techniques might not actually work?! That's why it's best to apply your skills in a gym under a supervised properly qualified teacher; where there are many pupils to work with; there you will quickly discover a technique that works well on one person; doesn't work at all on a next?! I cannot emphasize enough that it's only through working with others that you discover whether your techniques do actually work or not…??? Thus, it's very hard to learn self-defence from watching videos all on your own; most probably, you'll watch it; and, then, immediately forget? To recall techniques well you need to have practiced them, again and again, regularly.

  3. Cordez26 says:

    Very good, but it must also be stressed that the techniques that you demonstrated should be practiced regularly, so as to create muscle memory. And I especially like the last statement about watching your surroundings.

  4. arglefumphfan31 says:

    To me it seemed like it was a little too brutal. Like for the push. If soneones going to push you at the shoulder, it's not a huge threat to you, so you should just try to stop it and bend the fingers back and walk away, try to block it, or if you're at school, it's probaby just bullying, so it won't hurt you just to get pushed.

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