Self Defense for a Fat Guy-Stronghold Martial Arts

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24 thoughts on “Self Defense for a Fat Guy-Stronghold Martial Arts

  1. Thomas Bergbusch says:

    This is first rate stuff. I don't have a criticism, but you obviously have the skills to extend this further. I think that one would be pretty vulnerable to a side kick or, say, a turning back kick. The use of old fashioned kihon is excellent, and I think that you could use a good Morote Uchi Uke to block a turning back kick, but standing up one is supposed to sidestep at the same time, so I think you have a problem there. One thought is that one might be able to absorb and redistribute a straight-on heavy impact, a bit like a boxer or as in Systema, partially through core rotation. Another thought: what about someone who attacks the hips from the side, or side 3/4? I would really enjoy seeing you present potential defences to that (a knife goes a long way no doubt 🙂 )

  2. SharpEnuff says:

    I liked this video.  I have always been a fairly big guy 6'4" and was 210# at age 18 and now at age 66 am 295# to 305#  Typically when younger I always believed size kept be from many situations now that I am older I wonder if some people who in the past would have thought better of trying me might see my age as a weakness and I suppose in some ways I am more vulnerable. So now I trust in my CCW to hopefully provide protection from those who might think me an easier target than perhaps in the past.  I also carry a ZAP cane for dogs and other possible threats.

  3. Trollamollex says:

    Damn dude, I knew I would learn something if I put fat martial artist in YouTube. I realize that if I do extended movements while sitting I could work out my weak waist with a safer amount of control, I am too top heavy to risk that standing up , if I am off by one inch I could super feel it in my pelvis. Once my pelvis region is strong I will be cool. Thanks man I was actually pretty impressed with your strength, I didn't see your chair move a lot through the vid so you were releasing that shit quite nicely. I hope you have gotten better both physically and skillfully since you have recorded this.

  4. Harpmaker44 says:

    Thank you VERY much for posting this video Todd! DTGtaihojutsu shared this with me and I am very grateful to him for telling me about your channel. I am permanently handicapped,due to knee injuries and arthritis, but not chairbound (yet). I was very impressed with this video and hope you post more like them. I also wish you the best in recuperating from your injury.

  5. toddymo says:

    It's great to hear from you. Best of luck and all blessings to you as you endure and recover from your surgery. Thank you for your kind comments…I hope to be on my feet again soon, but this has been a good experience for me. Thanks again.

  6. MrBigdaddy8 says:

    This will be and is an inspiration 4 those of us when physical impairments and/or injuries. I cant even do a decent blocking set any more but it doesnt keep me from trying a little bit nearly every day. Some days are more hectic than others as I am married with I am so happy you posted this. Many would not 4 fear it would make them look weak. If anything a video like this shows your strength and dedication to continue when others most assuradly would have quit. You are no quitter!

  7. jessiah q says:

    i had been rear ended in a car accident and they had placed me on some meds that put on me about 40+ lbs, awhile back, since. this video is good and inspiring for those in our similar situations, which also is an encouragement for those who are overweight to train to whatever capacity they have for survival in the streets, bars, etc. thank you very much

  8. toddymo says:

    I had that in there! Tony ended up in my lap, which was awkward and strange. I also have one where I throw the remote at him and then cry, but it ended up on the cutting room floor as well…thanks for commenting!

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