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The It Moms let go of their fears and sigh-up for self-defense class. How you can learn to protect yourself. Working with Parents Magazine, American Baby, …

41 thoughts on “Self-Defense Classes | Parents

  1. Dragon877 says:

    instead of wasting time with the half ass palm strikes where these women arent even taught how to properly strike why not just teach them the quick kick to the groin or the kneecap and escape?

  2. Justin Hardt says:

    Why do you guys act like this won't work? You think they're better off NOT taking the classes? Bunch of idiots you are.. I'd rather have a 20% increase in success than nothing at all.. you guys are acting like if it isn't 100% then don't even bother. This is awesome for girls, gives them confidence and shows them where to hit for maximum pain to a male attacker. Lay off, losers.

  3. picatsoforfma says:

    I would feel better getting a German Shepherd than I would with these classes. If a person is already going to attack you then saying "leave me alone" probably wouldn't scare them off. While learning not to freeze up is good you need the skills to back it up. And they don't talk about the attacker having a gun or other weapon and what to do in those situations. I have never taken a self defense class but this is really one of the worst examples I have ever seen.

  4. Matthias Lenz says:

    This is really very bad… they clearly don't teach any proper technique here. Just bolstering the confidence of a woman like this can have a negative influence on her safety. I'm afraid that many of the women who take part in classes like these would have a very rude awakening if they are ever attacked.

  5. sutton m says:

    i have trained in various SD classes for 6 years and i have a few comments.
    1 kung fu isn't a very effective style in this mordern era, but then agian SD is really a mental thing.
    2. Their verbal warning aren't very good, saying no stay away from me sounds like your begging, its better to say DON"T firmly look in their eyes and look aggressive. Also i didn't see anything on imporv weapons, a very important thing in a fight. Still its good to at least take a class. krav maga= better though

  6. Geoff Coran says:

    I'm pretty sure why these people were in "football" gear is that they don't wanna risk getting hurt in a demonstration but the way how these girls are defending themselves, there's really no need for them.

  7. kommisar says:

    Also, why were the guys all dressed up in football gear (Who needs shoulder pads???) and Stormtrooper masks???

    Learning how to bitch slap and throw a few knees will not help you that much in the real world. I feel sorry for these people.

    I'd much rather train at an MMA school or any REAL self-defense school, like The Pit or the Gracie Academy.

  8. kommisar says:

    I'm sure these instructors have the best of intentions but their training methods are shit. No attacker is going to be scared off by, "Stop. Move away." I mean, come on! Besides, you don't need to teach someone how to tell someone else to piss off. That's something you should have already figured out. Their stance wasn't even intimidating.

    The "attackers" they used were baloney too. They did nothing to resist the women and didn't even attack them really. They just fell to the floor.

  9. hudsonkoa says:

    assertive attitude IS important (because perdators can sense passivity) but that running palm-heal attack and that muay thai plum kata ( the knee to the imaginary face)only gives these ladies false confidence. I just hope no one gets raped or killed from these irrisponsible classes/youtube posts .

  10. hudsonkoa says:

    This is one of the most dangerous things I've ever seen. I train and fight mma (jui-jitsu muay thai.) If your not going to learn some Kali or other real weapons skills don't think you as a women can protect yourself or your family from a larger stronger attacker with one or two classes. A stand-up martial art is not an equalizer until you've put in incredible amounts of time.

  11. Qieth says:

    The problem with these 2 hour classes is that the guy you are training with *WILL* stop when you do it in class. When you attack him, he just moves back, and doesnt even grab against them. I suppose if you really had to test if it worked out, some guy would stalk them home after class for about 20 minutes, and see if they remember anything. If not, then the class didnt work. Self defense is important, and the attitude alone can save you, but people tend to freeze when it matters.

  12. thebigdoubleu says:

    This seems more like a money grabbing McDojo disguised as a proper martial arts school with a facade of elevate language, pretty decor, and fancy equipment.

    Nowhere did I see a even a warm-up routine to develop core strength for fighting, and they did not even teach the most BASIC skill of any martial art: breaking a fall.

    People need to realize that learning how to fight/self-defence takes years of training. Don't waste your time on black belt in one year gimmick McDojos.

  13. stopthemadness99 says:

    All you need for duperior SD is a well maintained .45 automatic and the knowledge of one discipline of martial arts: I call it the step-back style. It simply involves stepping back enough to draw and fire the weapon point-blank into your attacker's chest or gut. I guarantee you that it will stop him a lot better than this crap.

  14. Jacob Darley says:

    lol so the government has convinced you that guns are bad and evil… guns used to be carried by just about everyone. Hence a balance the bad guys had guns and the good guys had guns. Now its the bad guys have guns. Don't see the balance in that if you do please inform me? and don't tell me oh well the cops have guns… 90% of the time that wont matter and really i would rather be the one with the gun to protect myself not the guy 5 minutes away.

  15. Frederyk Henry says:

    ROFL!!!!!! Nice one Freeze. What is with women and these stupid and useless self-defense courses. I'm not sure, but from the looks of it it seems pretty powerless. All I have to do is kick them when there doing those chain palms and there goes all those hours of training.

  16. Bird Person says:

    wow this self defense seminar has absoultly NO realistic aspects to it. The instructors do a terrible job of showing the actual realistic aspect of self defense. You shouldn't be laughing if you're being mugged.

  17. Kevin Stevens says:

    women: just yell and run
    …or take a real class with some more serious realistic training, it may scare you to think about but chances are if a guy gets this close, throwing your hands in his face is just going to make him mad. yes, even PUNCHING him with FULL FORCE in the FACE is going to simply piss him off!

  18. rojocorsa says:

    Learning ow to properly use and care for firearms is a superior method of SD. There is nothing wrong with close-quarters combat techniques, but you would be safer if there was space between the victim and the aggressor. That can be achieved with a firearm.
    I prefer that a responsible woman shoot a rapist instead of the opposite. A gun can be the equalizer in a woman's battle. Also, scratching people with keys does nothing but infuriate them.

  19. Gaye Kawai says:

    Utter non-sense! Talking like that to the attacker is not only stupid, but dangerous! That is just going to aggrivate the attacker even more and make the situation worse!! If they really want to attack you, do you think they will back off if you tell them to? Nooooo way Jose!!
    I also learn self-defense, and study martial arts, but honestly, I know its not going to protect me 100%. The best form of self-defense is to avoid the situation.

  20. Marshall Paul says:

    My background is TKD, kendo, jujitsu/aikido, retired street cop. DrHMFIC is correct. I would recommend a krav maga type program for my daughters. No one was laughing and smiling and having a good time in my training days. This is powderpuff…will get you killed.

  21. blueBlackpurple says:

    Since you say you have 42 years of martial arts training and instructor experince, I'm assuming you currently teach a self defense class for women?

    I'm not talking about a martial arts class, I'm talking about a practical self defense class for street situations.

  22. Gaye Kawai says:

    I do learn self-defense, but I think there is a bit of BS in this video. Being confident to the attacker like "No, step back…" is just gonna make the attacker more furious, and would just go crazy on you. Honestly, for myself, even with Martial Arts training, I have been attacked before, luckily enough to escape. But this is never gonna protect you 100%. The best rule for self-defense is to avoid the situation. But then again, you dont know how, when or where you can be attacked.

  23. lastdaysguitar says:

    As senior instructor with International recognition for over 30 years training thousands of self defense students law enforcement & prison gaurds. the "voice commands" only take you so far I saw NO correction of these very LAME "leave me alone"s come on you so-called instructors! The way you train IS the way you will react! get together with people really skilled enough to put you to the test – not these hacks… I agree they're endangering with false security should not be promoted.

  24. lastdaysguitar says:

    I agree this is really, BAD training mixed with a few (very few) good things by apparent amatures who definatly IMHO are wearing "pretend" black belts.
    Sorry to be so harsh – put it's the truth – this program is obviously sadly lacking!!!

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