Self-Defense Class with Filipino Martial Arts Teacher



Let’s learn Self-defense together!! This week’s video is an edit of a livestream I did on Twitch with a Filipino Martial Arts teacher who trains people to defend …

26 thoughts on “Self-Defense Class with Filipino Martial Arts Teacher

  1. SoBryan213 says:

    I knew it!!! Most French people speak English but don't want to answer my American questions "Where is the nearest McDonald's?" LOL, I have had Kali sticks for 2 years and my skill level is well below Kaellyn's after 1 lesson~ Question wouldn't it be more effective to do a open palm strike to the chin instead of push to the chest? Also, I am a big fan of chop to throat/Adam's apple, elbow strikes, and my last resort favorite~biting like a dog with barking noises. People don't like fighting unstable people 🙂

  2. Ivan Kenobi says:

    Bob must be worried, "now is she going to hit me with those sticks too?" lol. Jokes aside, I saw the stream and this a good summary of what happened. Good techniques and movements. great video Kae…

  3. Ali Yousef says:

    Even though I was there for the stream, I really enjoyed watching this video montage and its good to see the "videogamey" aspect coming back from your first youtube video. Thank you Kaellyn for the video and looking forward to seeing more like this.

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