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34 thoughts on “Self Defense Chokehold

  1. J D says:

    Theres 2 last ditch efforts you can do when a chokehold is placed….
    1) life both knees up to your chest like youre doing the fetal position in air. All your weight withh throw him off balance and when you guys start to fall his instinct will be to catch himself with his arms. That half second where he releases his grip is when you need to act.
    2) try and stay calm… dont try and scratch at his arms. Go for their eyeballs and gauge his eye out. He is trying to kill you so now you must be a savage. Its not a fucking joke. Take their fucking eye out if you can reach it. If not, next, reach for the nuts. Get a nice handful and squeeze as hard as you fucking can
    Trying to get a grip through jeans is difficult… so before he knows what youre trying to do…use the element of surprise amd reach into his pants and grab his testicles, not penis, testicles and squeeze. Its not an easy reach but it can be done.
    Not everyone doing this choke is a Marine. Theyll make mistakes.

  2. Wesley Scott says:

    I was doing this technique slightly wrong on the bob squeezing instead of pushing the head forward. I guess that's why I'm refreshing a lot of stuff I haven't done in years…cheers Nick

  3. ricky says:

    I'm pretty sure that anyone that's gonna do this in a street fight is just gonna drop the opponent and won't worry bout them gettin a concussion, cause if ur r fightin someone u probably don't care bout them

  4. Lake Cooper says:

    One last step… your top arm, instead of resting it against back of opp's head, where it can be stripped off, place it flat on your own shoulder so it is out of reach and cannot be stripped. While you lose a sliver of "forced/squeeze pressure" on the back of the head, your hand, being lower on the neck, forces a tighter hold over all that works even better…and without the need of squeeze strength, nor the risk of being stripped.
    Good luck!!
    Love and Light to all…

  5. mixwell1983 says:

    Ive found when i was training bjj for a while that a rnc (rare when sparring same belt) or a triangle choke was aftr 4-5 seconds you start to feel fuzzy. Once while rolling with a higher belt i was caught in a triangle and thought lemme see under control how long i cam maintain and that sleep mode happens really quick. I just wanted to feel it and at 5-6 seconds i started blacking out and tapped. Even once the released the choke you are still trying to get your mind right.

  6. Alejandro Romero Osnaya says:

    Nick, take a look at this vid of the Los Angeles metro. There's so much to notice on this one.
    One of the guys uses his bicycle as an improvissed shield against a shirtless drunk-like guy. Well done so far, however, as the agressor is leaving he then calls the guy weirdo which brings him back. Bad done.

    Once the agressor comes back he decides to face another guy who doesn't get his hands up. Bad done.

    out of nowhere, a big guy comes from behind and applies a chokehold just like the one you just showed on the CodeRedDefense channel. It takes 10 seconds for the guy to pass out under that chokehold.

    Those are some things I noticed.
    It would be great if you could dissect videos like this.

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