Self Defense, attacked from behind, www.PersonalSecurity.TV



Self Defense from being attacked from www.PersonalSecurity.TV.

8 thoughts on “Self Defense, attacked from behind, www.PersonalSecurity.TV

  1. Kamalesh Ghosh says:

    I think stomping on the foot itself is not going to help much. You should rather say "the four little fingers on each foot" – thats where you should really aim. Though it may still miss if the attacker wear oversized or hard shoes. Best to hit fast/ repeatedly and observe by reaction where it hurts.

  2. RobJT says:

    …also, I think if a large man had grabbed a much smaller woman like that, foot stomps would be a bad idea. They will not debilitate the attacker but they will make him angry and therefore more likely to attack with more ferocity. Wouldn't you agree?

    Groin attacks, I agree, are an excellent option for anyone.

  3. RobJT says:

    What does MMA have to do with anything? Why do you bring that up?

    I find the best bearhug escape is to bend your arms toward you and then use that to lift their arms up and over your head. Then turn side on to them and shift your hips out. If you have to room to shift your hips like you advise then you'd be able to do the escape I'm describing. Cont'd…

  4. RobJT says:

    If you had enough room to be able to move to the side you would be able to escape.

    I don't think a foot stomp would make someone let go. Loads of foot stomps get used during the clinch in MMA and it never makes the opponent let go.

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