Self Defense Against an Edged Weapon

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40 thoughts on “Self Defense Against an Edged Weapon

  1. Feyd Harkonnen says:

    It all happens too fast there's no way this would work, some people don't even realise they have been stabbed until they see all the blood or see the knife sticking out of them. You can't compete with adrenaline, you're best bet is to run away and only confront the attacker if you have literally no other options left.

  2. James Moore says:

    I would rather know how to use a handgun effectively and if not possible for some reasons, I would rather learn how to use the full potential of stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers and other non-lethal devices just to buy time and get away from the trouble. Just found what I needed at as a backup self-defense weapon in a situation where my handgun is not advisable to be used.

  3. Molon Labe says:

    How are you going to feel when your b.s. tactics gets someone killed. Modern warrior my ass!!! There are people out there, I am sad to say, who will see this b.s. video and think that this would actually stop an aggressor with a knife.

  4. Peter Williamson says:

    There is some merit in the cross block because shooting two hands down to defend a thrust is intuitive. But you should have rounded out the discussion by showing the knife attack in the guys left hand. So many "instructors" suffer from "prescription" which is where they work in a robotic way. A classic example of this is easy to see on the net. Go through and look at knife defences and see how many are being done with the left hand! The other big no no here is at the end of the clip where the instructor steps over the knife putting the blade near his femoral artery. Never ever do that!

  5. Travis Thacker says:

    Best way to attack some one with edged weapon who is looking at you eye to eye……run at them in a fast type like manor with empty hand side toward target…keep knife to side and slightly rear….when contact is made with target thrust in repeated motions and try not to make the same thrust twice lol. Slashing does not work but at very close kissing distance or if you have element of surprise.

  6. Baba Ali says:

    it is comedy it is not realistic and if the aggressor pulls his hand back he will cut you your vains especially do not believe this kind of lies the knife is very very dangerous

  7. Rick McGhee says:

    Look for my knife training DVD coming out this fall. Very few explain correctly, what the fuck to do. This is how I pressure test. If I can't do it against a prisoner trying to break out of prison and I'm the only thing in his way, well you better believe me when I say; this shit will not work.

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