Self Defense against a Wrist Grab



Learn effective self defense: ▻ In this video, we demonstrate self-defense tips against a wrist grab. Unfortunately …

15 thoughts on “Self Defense against a Wrist Grab

  1. PogChamp says:

    Nick, I actually learned that method from my taekwondo instructor when i was a little kid and i grew up believing in it.
    but decades later, when i became an adult, i was trying to escape from a wrist grab by a friend who was very strong.
    for the life of me i wasn't able to move an inch of my wrists.
    what do you do if the opponent happens to be a strong guy with a great grip strength?
    i know you mention strike immediately, which would definitely help.
    but the wrist rotation in itself might prove difficult against a strong guy.

  2. papasitoman says:

    Nick, would you be able to make a video about female attackers against a male? A drunk/angry woman can cause damage but it' nearly impossible to defend yourself without hurting her or making you look like the bad guy.

  3. Rodney Woods says:

    I recently saw a video where a girl tried to knee a guy in the groin who was holding both her wrist. She was being a typical entitled drunk bitch and started assaulting the man who was doing everything he could to avoid conflict. He finally grabbed both her wrist to stop her from assaulting him further. Most men since children learn to protect their groin from a woman who tries to knee them. So, when she went for the obvious knee to the groin the guy simply shifted his body slightly to the side and blocked with his own knee while simultaneously pushing against her arms. She went flying backwards and fell on her ass. Luckily no white knights tried to assault the guy for defending his nutsack.

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