Self Defense against a 6’4″ Attacker

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47 thoughts on “Self Defense against a 6’4″ Attacker

  1. Johnny B says:

    If the Defender rotated his body to the left, using the attacker's point of contact as a pivot point and shifted his weight to the left as well using a short step leftward, the attacker would have his arm swept across his body and possibly rotating him making it difficult to strike anything. I would leave both of my arms free to block or strike as needed.

    This can be easily done and can be done quickly and in the very least make it difficult for the attacker to hit you.

    I'm 6'5" and 250 lbs and even the smallest of my students was able to do this successfully and often add a strike to my kidney area.

    Remember the 'KISS' Principle. "KISS" . . .Keep It Simple Stupid!

  2. Carthan Ternes says:

    i feel that you forget one thing, when you are I'm a "street" fight you will find that against bigger much stronger opponents the clinch is very unefficient and you will easily be overpowered

  3. MMM MMM says:

    Nick the more vids I'm seeing gradually the more I'm getting an idea of how much you've been through in your past, thanks for sharing your knowledge and take on these matters

  4. vanbonne17 says:

    Very good technique,when your in the clinch your can block/push his arm like here,also you can knee him groin slap are opions anyway ,good clinch drill agaist a resistent oppenent thats the way to train thanks .

  5. Samuel McCallister says:

    If a guy's going all "hockey" on you, just clinch his holding arm and twist toward the centerline. Now he's off-balance, you have control of the arm, and you're in great position for either a followup of your choosing or an escape (which is what you SHOULD be doing).

    It's one of the most basic BJJ techniques… If he's going to just give you a limb like that, take it away from him.

  6. Blayne Peterson says:

    I'm 6'8" and I'm not just gonna punch I'm getting behind you so I can make you pass out put you on the ground or because I'm an asshole with great strength if I feel you are a big threat I'll put you down

    I've actually talked with people say they don't want to fight me because they know how I fight that I will get behind someone and overpower them very quickly but also because of my temperament I'm liable to be very violent no matter what but I'm prone to Violent outbursts and the people who I was talking to are people who have seen me in fights where I got hit over the head by this little turd with a baseball bat and if it wasn't for the fact that cops have been called and I ended up being tased he told me I can see it in your eyes you were going to break that dude's neck and I probably would have because sadly that is the person I am

  7. The Dude says:

    I'm not really tall and it is definitely harder against bigger opponents. But I've always found weight to be more important than height. A taller person can have more weight while still being in good shape

  8. Glenn Blk says:

    I know it's easy to make a comment sitting in the chair guys but I'm curious from a technical point why didn't you change guard on the right hand and bring it up inside the grabbing arm while still striking with the left keeping you nice and tight inside.

  9. sleepybird09 says:

    what about a cow? I was attacked by a cow. I punched it in the face several times, and it didn't do much damaged the cow tackled me and I managed to get it in a head lock but my arms where not wide enough to do anything. I was then thrown and the cow headbutted me and stomped me. needless to say I fainted.

  10. OST Berlin says:

    7:40 why wrestling against much bigger / heavier guy, as everybody can see, canT barley stand and easy to fall … especially this technik is crucially wrong ! + its ridiculess of assuming, u can hold his leftarm fix like this 9:40 ?

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