Self Defence: Weapon Disarm



DISCLAIMER BELOW: Sensei Anthony Britton shows you how to disarm someone attacking you with an implement. This disarm is intended for when you are in …

34 thoughts on “Self Defence: Weapon Disarm

  1. lexionate says:

    but he still has a free hand…he can hit you and still kick you…you need to get out of the agression line and/or behind him…break the hand so you have less to deal with too.

  2. Eric Veldhuizen says:

    trie this put youre left underarm under his right strikingarm put you rightarm ontop his striking elbow push ur right armdown ur left arm up walk forwards while the atacker drops to the floor

  3. ChoosingMorality says:

    The point isn't to disarm slowly. The idea, I'm sure, is to surprise the attacker with an immediate and rapid defense—they aren't likely to expect this, so what started out as a situation the attacker controlled will hopefully become a situation the victim controls. Though she probably ought'a run like hell after that. She would lose some advantage when he realizes she can fight back.

  4. Rafael agueda says:

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  5. VTV SD says:

    To those who defend this particular technique: I would ask, is your reasoning based on classroom experience and theory of body mechanics? A real street encounter would quickly change your mind. For example, 0:53 – 0:58, both of her hands are on the bottom which means she has no way to stop him from pulling his hand straight up and back which is a reflexive move. With adrenaline pumping vigorously at this point, the encounter will immediately escalate from bargaining to full striking.

  6. Retrogaming .Costello says:

    Most martial art techniques work more with the reflex,speed,And leverage of the muscle rather than the strength,If anything the ones who use brute strength are more apt to lose against someone who uses "clever little tricks" to outsmart their opponent,Hence the phrase "Brains over brawn". It takes little to no actual physical strength to perform these techniques and as most people wouldnt expect it,It gives you an edge if you can execute the technique perfectly.

  7. brickyyomama says:

    in a real life situation, as soon as she moved for the right hand he would have automatically move it back. if by chance she got a grip, she would immediatly receive a left hand jab.

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