Self defence techniques: two ways to attack the eyes in a fight




18 thoughts on “Self defence techniques: two ways to attack the eyes in a fight

  1. Michael Kriechbaum says:

    I did see on YouTube a while back a video where someone tested eye gauging with a dead sheep skull they brought from the butcher. JUST REMEMBERED the host of this channel is VEGAN.
    Well, what they found out was you end up poking the eye out and scratching the inside of the eye socket.
    Also, I think people don't teach the reality of people resisting the eye gauge. Moving the head around and squinting. That's why the clench hold shown was a great example of how you can control their head, to stop some resistance.

  2. Cal says:

    Let's be real – if you've never trained hit a head-sized moving target under pressure, you'll never hit someone in the eye under pressure. I like you clinch approach to it because it doesn't rely on fine motor skill

  3. G R Simpson says:

    I've only poked someone in the eyes twice. Once was high school where we were just there and I popped him in the eye. It incapacitated him but if he actually wanted to hurt me, he would have just endured that shot. Note that I popped him in the eye and didn't try to destroy it and thrust my finger through his face. The second time was an accident. I was wrestling and quickly reached for a collar tie and I jabbed the guy with my thumb.

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