Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Lady Butterfly – Strategy For An Easier Kill

The Lady Butterfly Boss fight in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice takes place in Hirata Estate. Defeating Gyoubu before facing this boss lets you raise your Attack …

33 thoughts on “Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Lady Butterfly – Strategy For An Easier Kill

  1. Mia zuki says:

    did this actually help anyone? like if i stand close to her she destroys me in a second the only somewhat reliable way i found so far is to try and have some distance and block until very little timewindows where i can land a hit

  2. AliG3mex says:

    This fight is hard….. Dodging is not so useful in here , because once you focus on dodging you'll kind of forget your block opened to some undodgable attacks , and it deals so much damage (So you need to train and learn her attacks it's not about dodging) , this game is crap (i don't how Bloodborne creators makes this shit) this game is corrupted and unplayable i needed 4 days to beat genichiro * I've completed Bloodborne and Dark souls 2,3* and i've never struggled in boss like this in my whole life , and it's so boring boss after boss (This game planned to be more story detailed than Bloodborne , but no this game forces to only focus on the gameplay and bosses put 100 underlines under bosses .

  3. CidGuerreiro1234 says:

    I died a ridiculous amount of times to most mini bosses before her, yet Lady Butterfly only took me three tries. I didn't even use a Snap Seed 'cause I wanted to train before using one of my only 2 seeds, and ended up beating her without even using it. I legit expected her second phase to be an illusion too, and that the real fight was still about to begin.

  4. thewhiteninja says:

    Quick tip that I found on accident. If you just doge left and spam attack she doesn’t have enough time to react if you do this really close so just spam it. Dodge, attack, dodge, attack, works in the second stage too. Hope this helps at least 1 guy lol

    P.S use this PRO STRAT with the tips in the video if that wasn’t blatantly obvious

  5. Al3rT GG says:

    Beating her 1st stage over and over and over and over again but can't fucking touch her at her 2nd stage. M8 how the fuck is that supposed to be easier

  6. Harry O'Keam says:

    It's quiet easy to dodge when your opponent doesn't follow you after he started his attack and you, well, dodged it, by sweeping aside. In my case not only this old flying bitch's attack, but others, like the purple ninja for example, follow me, like if they can exude some fucking glue and stick to me right after they touched me. It's very annoying.

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