See Woman’s Reaction at Bank Machine – Self Awareness

We did an experiment at an ATM (bank machine) to see if people were aware of their surroundings. This self awareness experiment was very interesting. At first …

29 thoughts on “See Woman’s Reaction at Bank Machine – Self Awareness

  1. lilschnowyguy says:

    I'd like to see an experiment where you get in line for an ATM. Purposefully forget to take your cash, to see how many people are honest and give you the money back, vs how many would just steal it… Would be interesting.

  2. jason hernandez says:

    Ok so if am going to rob someone and they walk away from the atm, just tell them i am a self defense instructor and wear a t shirt with a random website that does not even sound like a self defense website easy enough

  3. Caitlin Byrne says:

    +Nick Drossos could you please do a attack mechanism if you on crutches even if you reply what to do please I get very scared when I go out in case you know some thing ……. Thank you

  4. Jenn' says:

    I don't really understand why her "awarness" is a big deal… I mean, I'm a girl myself, and I know that I would probably have done the same thing in that situation, it's an absolutly normal reaction when you're surrounded by weird guys… We, girls (well atleast that's the case for me) never let our guards down… Even when walking in the street, we make sure no one weird is on the same side of the street… (For me atleast)… No need to be congratulated for that, it's how we normally behave in situations like this, it's how our society made us be…

  5. Samuel L Jackson says:

    Her reaction was slightly better than Nick's.. she pretended nothing was wrong and kept their guards down. Nick's advice to act she forgot something while opening the door would have let them know she's panicking. But the best reaction of all is to keep walking past the door if there are people waiting on the sides.

  6. courtneybrad says:

    did you see the older man walk in and pull his wallet out infront of yall? He was too comfortable with the environment with yall laughing so he felt comfortable as opposed to her feeling weird about yall standing there…

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