Security Guard Training – Defensive Tactics Takedown | Unity One, Inc.

In this video, John is a defensive tactic instructor at Unity One, Inc. Training Academy. The trainer will be teaching a class on how to become a security guard in …

41 thoughts on “Security Guard Training – Defensive Tactics Takedown | Unity One, Inc.

  1. joseph burns says:

    nice to see them training ,dont care for the disarm technique ,it isnt practical in that it will result in stray bullets flying around and it doesnt give immediate control of the weapon. you need to be in a control position to prevent being grabbed and having to wrestle over a firearm. strip weapon step back check the leg and give order to get down or if situation requires it such as numerious attackers lay down shots on target.

  2. Diaz Fan says:

    exactly, glasses is not taking it seriously and is making it way harder than it is, it's like centrifugal force, going 2 different ways against an object, or something like that lol I know what I'm trying to say cause I've used it many times in martial arts . anyways even in practice to me that's a real gun and I will use about 75% force, repeat in mirror a bunch of times if have to it will save ur life or at least make someone think twice

  3. Chris Reyna says:

    all this shot talking….. the title clearly says security training… for example if you join the military, they are not going to automatically deploy you. you have to go to BASIC training. 2/3 of the people who enlist have never shot a gun in their life. that's why it's TRAINING

  4. Ohara Leaks says:

    this is so fucking stupid. what happens when the person with the gun takes one step back and your off dicking around turning your hips like a whore in church you get 8 rounds to the side of the head.

  5. cool as ice says:

    I find it bullshit tbh, these people arn't made to face real situation like a individual pointing a gun or trying to harm them. Im saying that in security training things like this shouldnt be taught or shown. BUT what im trying to say is that its unrealistic most the things they train or show. In my opinion a Security person SHOULD be training or have been training some sort of combat sport such as MMA, boxing, Muay Tai or BJJ, for atleast a year BEFORE they become a security guard. I myself am currently doing a 17 day security course to be able to work as a security officer. I have been training boxing for over 2 years. Which will obviously help in situation like this. Conclusion of my argument: implement some sort of combat sport training in security training.

  6. BonDraper says:

    A lot of experts in the comments but I don't see any links to their videos. With any technique practice any knowing when to apply it is key. Once u learn the foundation of a technique by learning it from a basic position then you can start to adapt it to other scenarios. A lot of people don't understand that when it comes to learning moves like these. Of course there is no end all be all disarm.

  7. MrAndyAurora says:

    Okay i would not recommend this for everyone. Clearly in the practice you can see almost all of them will die with an experienced shooter. You need to assess the size, strength and environment. A disaster in progress here.

  8. thehoosierfortheUK says:

    So far so good, I'm a security guard and I lift weights and do lots of pushups, I want to move on up to takedowns, handcuffs, and self defense. I carry a gun at some places. Maybe one day, become a bodyguard.

  9. Ting Ye says:

    U while get shot if u dare to move it hands in that close of range of the shooter… So don't even think about raising ur hands on in that close range… Instead u should beg and slowly back out. Video not practical…

  10. Cassandra Scott says:

    That's some bad advice in this video people. No disrespect to whom ever, but first thing you do when disarming is yes hold your hands up but second is always break the trigger finger and your technique should always always only be one move. Never touch the slide of the gun before breaking the trigger finger like this guy in the video. A bullet is not the only thing coming out of that gun. you have a red hot casing discharging from the slide along with contending to getting a finger or skin ripped off when the gun fires and your hands caught in the chamber.

  11. THANOS says:

    why is that P.O.S. in the glasses in this video…..she thinks the training is a joke or some kinda game. This guy John is showing real good and useful tactics to be used in our business and you got this clown front and center…..She what we call a worm body in the business….just a worm body to put a uniform on to get the billable man hours.

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