Secret Tips to Use Against a Much Larger Attacker



Here are a few secrets tips to use against a much taller attacker. In this case, the attacker is 6’7”…This is really a much taller and larger attacker! If you are facing …

29 thoughts on “Secret Tips to Use Against a Much Larger Attacker

  1. Berenger Dietiker says:

    Always move forward on an opponent even if the opponent is bigger. Why? …
    1. It takes the opponent’s range away.
    2. It takes the opponent’s balance away.
    3. It takes away the weapons of the opponent.
    4. It allows for your close range weapons to be utilized.
    5. It allows for countering.
    6. It allows you to stay in your safety zone while the opponent is in the danger zone.

  2. We Are Borg 478 says:

    All of this assumes your enemy will either be in your face or throwing hooks with no straight punches.
    People, I wouldn't rely on this stuff too much.
    If you get into a conflict with a preconception of how the fight will go, you will only be disappointed with the outcome.
    People are erratic when commiting violence. You can't watch a less than 5 minute video. You have to get out there, learn a martial art, and get into sparring matches frequently.
    This guy is the equivalent of a pilot giving you a 4 minute lesson on flying before having you pilot a super hornet.
    It just doesn't work that way.

  3. Collin Ryan says:

    Speaking of high low high low, last year in my freshman year of high school, I got into a fight with my friend Jack. He's 6'4 I'm 5'2 3/4 , I knocked him out with two hook punches, then I ended it with a liver shot.

  4. Dj Vidjen Elfen Children from the Sun says:

    thank you very much today i defended my friends daughtersl against a 1,90cm guy ( i am 1,72) thank you i just honestly thank you i am totally not aggresive but this guy really wanted to not only me beat me down …. (some ppl got terrorized in the past ) there was no space in the staircase and i was holding the stuff we shopped when we met him in staircase …. but you helped me a lot
    thank you ! when the police came and the kids cried i still got a sucker punch but i nearly dodged it ….( didnt even draw blood but he hit my eye because i did not have to fight for 12 years …. ) so when we called the police i used your locks and close up on him he had double weight then me im small but still very strong …. maybe you saved a life today !!!!! thank you soooooo much the dirty trick worked i threw him off with a hand Lock using open hands to get it and wait for my chance !

    it worked lucky me he wasnt a pro

    down the stairs and told him to stop or i will knock him out ( threathening without meaning is also a VERY good choice to scare an attacker if you hit him once )because he gave up then i just wanted to say that my friends girls are 13 and 21 and i was lucky to be there because this guy was BAD ! and extremly aggressive #thank you

  5. Will Camick says:

    I remembered some of this when I was being attacked when walking home from work a few months ago. A big drunk black guy was walking down the street pass me and was saying something to me and didt respond because I was tiered from work and just wanted to get home. He got upset about that and walk up behind me, I could hear him approaching so I turned around and he grabbed my shirt with one hand and took a swing at me. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him in and got him between the legs with my knee. But I also fell over because I was swinging from his shirt as my foot left the ground. I didt get to see the after math because I just ran as fast as I could. Any ways thanks.

  6. eph123 says:

    Keep up the good work man. Apprcte it. Do can you do a video with an attacker with a larger and longer weapon such as a base ball bat

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