Secret No Flip Knife Throwing Technique with Scott Silverthorn



Sensei Scott Silverthorn shows secret technique to throw a knife straight and true, without any rotation.

43 thoughts on “Secret No Flip Knife Throwing Technique with Scott Silverthorn

  1. John Doe says:

    This guy lmao ima call him grasshopper .. Grasshopper: most me are familiar with the spin throw.. Me: yes. Grasshopper: this has it's weaknesses.. Me: nah dude just takes practice.. Grasshopper: and it's not very affective long distanced.. Me: I can't fucking watch this this guy is fucking restarted

  2. Chadi Adreft says:

    wa wo hha 321 grasshoppers have failed to master the knife throwing !! .actually this technique is good ,not as impressive as that Hollywood stuff but still very deadly it's like throwing a spear the entire blade is flying straight at the target and having the weight of the handle behind the blade when the blade hits, the ongoing momentum of the handle weight will give it more piercing power

  3. samoth chipmah says:

    20-30 yards is also for spin only me a knife thrower who can do that reliable.
    there are some guys who throw incredible no spin.houzan suzuki is real master and also ralph thorn.i worked on no spin for 2 months and that with really wrong knives for that technic.up to 15-20 feet it works great ,but i think i reach more with better knives.

  4. Galo Doido says:

    what is the point in trowing a knife a foot away? Since you are so close to the target you might as well go ahead and stick the knife there. You are pretty good at making people laugh, maybe you can start from there.

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