10 thoughts on “Seagal Aikido vs. Gracie Jiujitsu – knife fight

  1. Moist Von Lipwig says:

    Okay. I get it now. I understand what you're doing. Do you really need to put in BJJ / Segal here to promote your school? Or is this your school's take on jiu jitsu as well? Is this a gym/dojo somewhere in the PH? Is this one of those MMA gyms in cubao?

  2. Daniel Sneesby says:

    I like the videos you upload, and I love Aikido, but are you putting Gracie JiuJitsu in the title just as click bait? To get people to watch? I mean I'm sure the guy is good at what he does it's just that this seemed a lot more like a demonstration than an 'attack'.

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