12 thoughts on “SCTM The Techniques of Tomahawk and Combat Knife

  1. Trevor Lyons says:

    First rule of a knife fight is realizing you're in one. Second rule is "stab the other guy until he's lost enough blood to collapse". There isn't any true technique, it's pure and raw aggression and will to live. As demonstrated by the Hashashins, surprise and violence of action will always be your best friend when you're using a knife. Wasn't trying to be shitty, just expressing my personal experience on the topic.

  2. Anderson C says:

    No doubt the tomahawk/combat knife are effective in the right hands BUT heres the thing…you can't carry either on you and walk around the city. If you use it in "self-defence" at home you still might find it hard to justify to a judge. Better be 100% sure about how the local LEO and city feels about this. Could land oneself in jail defending family or oneself.

  3. Trevor Lyons says:

    in real life, death or life nonsense, you won't be tagging a willing recipient of your blows. real tomahawk and knife fighting is bloody and if you're in that situation, very personal. I raise the bullshit flag. full staff 🙂

  4. marcusMA says:

    Thank you Evan. Love this clip here of the tomahawk & knife. GREAT instruction. We will meet. Is this your fellow student here too? There is the registration for the 2017 Action MA HOF in Atlantic City,NJ USA. Thought I'd mention that to you. Keep in touch love Tue clip here as well as your previous ones & with Cheetah Huang.

  5. Zaida martinez vega says:

    I caught a few instances where he waits for the traps(obstructions) to occur. And that's a bad habit. One can see it on 0:27 and 0:53 and 0:57 also on 1:43.The purpose flow drill is: develop speed while a partner does random attacks and you take the attacks as they come in (IF, they come in). Problem with this guy is he waits for the feeder to put more obstructions. If the feeder is that much behind on the exercise then finish the traps. Just don't sit there wait wait for the obstructions. That's a mistake on the part the instructor and creates bad habits for the feeder 

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