Scrombles The Mechwarrior: A Battletech Story [Episode 24]



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34 thoughts on “Scrombles The Mechwarrior: A Battletech Story [Episode 24]

  1. ScorpiusZA says:

    That poor, poor cicada pilot. on patrol in your lovely little light mech and stumble across 4 assault mechs. time to stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

  2. Tim Kennedy says:

    Dear Mr. Tex, do you happen to have a list of the in game mechs that can mount Auto Cannons? I am trying to do AC builds but cannot find any Heavy and Assault mechs that can mount them. I do have all the DLC's. Can you help? Every thing I look up online leads to a Reddit spread sheet that lists the mechs and the number of hard points available but not what can go on them. If you could name a couple from your play through that would be awesome. Thanks in advance. Will Box Station only be available to the BPL? Or will you eventually Allow some of the general public onto the server? Hail ZORG!!!

  3. Loozer_ Doozer says:

    about rumble from 3 minute – because people are just copycats by nature, they afraid to not fit in something, in the group that surrounds them or one they interested . This make them feel safe, comfy, *normal*, maybe useful, maybe cool.

  4. NightWatch says:

    I too am a descendant of an Okie Grandma who grew up on a farm during the Great Depression (and I adore Battletech) so that's kind of neat. Though she was Scots and would never spend a penny on lotto tickets as she was too busy pinching pennies so hard that they screamed 😉 😀

  5. umngyr says:

    Professor Tex, as someone who tends to play the Battletech game while trying to absolutely maximize my mechs, i would like to thank you. Your playstyle has inspired me to try builds i would normally not have even considered, and has resultet in some rather amusing, and surprisingly effective, mech builds. Like my banshee kitted out for absolute melee stability damage, with a light mech specced pilot, which i now use to run right up and punch things over with.

  6. CapinTejas says:

    Tex, are you running the DLCs? Im at the end and never came across an annihilator or the snub nosed PPCs or UAC/20s lol my crabs run hot running twin ac 20s while laughing the feeble flaw of sending light/medium mechs to an assault fight lol

  7. Toast_In_Mouth says:

    Ever since I started playing video games purely to enjoy them, a few years ago, and avoiding walkthroughs, etc, I have experienced levels of enjoyment I never felt before. Highly recommend. BTA 3062 has been my post-work crack the last few weeks

  8. Derek Burge says:

    The medical team was already at the airlock when the leopard docked with the Argo, trauma kits at the ready… But the apparent lack of injuries left them speechless. "Even… Even Scrombles is okay?" one medtech asked the other as the healthy pilots marched past them, clapping each other on the back. The second man, a veteran of two years with the Slaughter Division, patted Scrombles down and checked him for blood, but simply shrugged when no injuries were detected. Hell, the big oaf didn't even look dazed. Well… No more dazed than normal. The medtechs even counted the pilots to see if anyone had been KIA, but a quick headcount showed four very intact pilots. The first just stared at the older man. "So… What do we do?"
    "Hrm. Beer."
    "Definitely beer. Let's roll, rookie."

  9. KlumsyK says:

    So there's this old Russian cartoon from the late 80's. At the very beginning this kid is coming down the stairs of his apartment and he,s eating a sandwich. And the cat thats napping on a windowsill wakes up and he has no sandwich of his own but he goes "hello Uncle Fyodor; you know you're eating that incorrectly…"

  10. Ser_Lagsalot says:

    Dark Souls has such a weird community.
    Over time the meta has been refined with near mathematical precision, and a lot of people hate anything which breaks the mold.
    Its also a community which will laud members for doing something stupid and weird and not remotely meta, like beating DS2 with dual wield poison infused ladles while fatrolling in crossdress.

    Sadly the former is usually louder than the latter though.

  11. trueakuma777 says:

    I understand what you're saying. I admit I've been tempted off and on to try to throw some advice or hints your way, but I quickly realized it wasn't my place to do so, so I haven't. While there have been times where watching you play has been somewhat painful from a serious gamer and tactician's standpoint, I get that you're just doing this for fun and we should all just relax and let each other enjoy things. In fact, with a relaxed attitude one can even find the times that you completely screw something up or do something totally asinine to be absolutely entertaining! 😉 In any event, I enjoy watching you play and wouldn't ask you to change a thing. Keep doing things your way and keep making these awesome videos and stay safe out there!

  12. Mjr Burn says:

    I understand that the Tube frowns on cussing but I would have loved to have been able to hear Tex's rant about the Saturday Night Special blow you damned hand off edition, not Goat's music even though I do enjoy it…LOL
    EDIT for:
    Oof I see Tex has already addressed this with his pinned comment, so I too have now made a Dumb see it happens to everyone…

  13. Clint Fell says:

    Totally agree about "optimized builds" ruining MMOs. They created a variety of ways to build your character to match your style of play- but then competitive play drove optimum builds. Then so many people used these optimum builds that the games were balanced around them. The result, fewer ways to build your character to play your way.

  14. Jeremy Dinsmore says:

    Never in my 37 years of life have I ever heard the phrase, "got served up a hot plate of done-ion rings." It's now my personal life goal to use it correctly at least once before next year.
    27:25 – Thunderbolt? More like… wait, I got something for this. Uh… More like *DONE*derbolt, amirite? Hah. Got'em.
    28:58 – Well, MOSTLY white, let's be real here.
    35:27 – Rolling my eyes? Hell, I'm giggling like a whackadoo and my neighbour is wondering what the hell's wrong with me at 0130.
    46:30 – Oh yeah, that alloy garbage that every hardware store budget drawer- and cabinet-handle is made from. ZAMAK. Crumbles under a stern glance.
    1:10:23 – … And we shall call it, "BRRRRT's Bees."

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