Scratch Tutorial | Making Car Game In Less Than 4 Minutes!



Scratch Tutorial | Making Car Game In Less Than 4 Minutes! If you are interested in more Scratch Tutorials, Games, Etc. you can find them by clicking on my …

42 thoughts on “Scratch Tutorial | Making Car Game In Less Than 4 Minutes!

  1. Plasma Lantic says:

    I'm having a problem, can someone help me? So I have enemies that follow the player and attack the player, the wall collision works, but how to I make the enemies smart and have them turn around and walk around the wall? Instead of just stopping at the wall.

  2. Z - says:

    uhh first I love your videos ive watched every single one of them. but I have noticed your amazing art its really good you find good sizing and colors and you create a diverse but simple environment for gameplay. You should make a environment or art tutorial. That would be great.
    Thanks! –
    One of your big fans

  3. Giru says:

    Hey Scratch Tutorials. I am currently making an anime fighting game, but I am having trouble with one of my sprites (literally all I've worked on in the game is the sprite and sandbag and NOTHING ELSE). The problem is, I've made my sprites move with some scripts. I've also added attacking costumes for that one sprite (btw I did not make the game public). But when I move my sprites with the arrow keys, the sprite switches to the attacking costumes ALONG with the moving costumes.

    Please Help…

    P.S I am a beginning Scratcher so I don't know a lot lol

  4. skruffles says:

    im honestly not sure if you already did this but,if you havent, you should do a video on different statistics such as health bars, stamina bars, hunger bars, temp bars perhaps, and so on and so forth.

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