Scott Sonnon's Tactical Gymnastics



Scott Sonnon demonstrates his Tactical Gymnastics.

17 thoughts on “Scott Sonnon's Tactical Gymnastics

  1. Owen Godward says:

    Thank you so much for this video. I am studying Jiu jitsu and nothing has got my attention as much as this video. An excellent body control rutine for me to do on my own

  2. Niall D says:

    @AshSzafraniec Good for you! Lots of people seem to get left cold by school sports, or just don't find the right one, which is a real shame as habits formed at that age are really hard to break. But it IS possible, as you have discovered, by finding something that motivates and inspires.
    It's hard to get something that will suit everyone, but I think schools should put physical fitness on the same level of importance as academic /social development as all these are important to be balanced.

  3. Catsincages says:

    These are fun to do, the guys at the gym I go to were like "wtf is that!". Can I just improvise these movments, or is there a set pattern I need to stick to for some reason?

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