Scott Sonnon Tactical Gymnastics System



Scott Sonnon demonstrates his approach: Tactical Gymnastics.

18 thoughts on “Scott Sonnon Tactical Gymnastics System

  1. Brian Brown says:

    Beautiful! Are there any clubs in Los Angeles that cover the equipment shown in the background including the clubbells? Also what kind of pants do you wear that take so much abuse and where can I get them? And the shoes too?

  2. mykhendrix says:

    Coach, whenever I practice a pigeon pose to hurdler position (shin rollover) my knee locks up, almost as though the fibula has slightly dislocated at the side/rear of the knee – and it makes me feel sick to my guts. Now i resist all chance of it happening, which is fairly often in grappling. Any advice ? p.s. Silky flow, congrats on the beautiful clip.

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