Scott (Boyka) Adkins & GNT Taekwondo Sampler | Flips & Kicks

My dream came true and I got to train with one of my greatest inspirations. We had an amazing time so I hope you like the video 🙂 Please Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe! Thank you 🙂 Official…

37 thoughts on “Scott (Boyka) Adkins & GNT Taekwondo Sampler | Flips & Kicks

  1. Rahul Kulkarni says:

    It's been a year since I started tks but I have no one with me to correct me or teach me. I have been doing all the training from a pdf manual but still I don't know how I am gonna reach the black belt level all by myself and there isn't any training class nearby either

  2. William Kane says:

    Makes me wish I learnt flips and tricks when I was doing martial arts. I was athletic enough just never had the inclin. Guys like you and scott adkins take martial arts to the next level…good job

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