Schrade SCHA6L EDC Folding Knife Review

This is a look at the Schrade SCHA6L, a cool and beefy assisted opening Every Day Carry (EDC) folding knife that will work well for daily carry or great for …

13 thoughts on “Schrade SCHA6L EDC Folding Knife Review

  1. Blue Sky Country says:

    I have this exact model Schrade knife. It is my daily EDC and it fits almost everywhere. Jean pocket, work belt, you name it. The blade is a massive piece of steel that can handle terrific work and the glass breaker is a neat addition too. I recommend this as one of the ultimate survival/combat knives.

  2. Jason Mcdonald says:

    Hey JJ, I've been gone a little while, nice info sir. I personally carry a Kershaw Kuro with a partially serrated blade, which I bought several years ago as an extrication tool, should I have ever come upon a vehicle accident while working as a home health nurse. Decent little knife, is chinese steel of course but it has never failed me as an EDC knife. Blade steel is 8cr13MoV. I am kind of looking for something new though, something a bit better.

  3. Dan Schwemin Jr says:

    Hey JJ! I've been really excited about the SCHF42 that's supposed to be released in May. It's a very simple looking knife, but appears as though it's going to be one of the best suited "bush-knives" that Schrade has ever released! It has a simply smooth handle; no ridiculous jimping everywhere! And a relatively simple blade… it has a little recurve to it, which I'm not fond of, but otherwise it looks like it's going to be an excellent knife. Oh, and I think it's going to be made from 1095 too! Very nice! =) I would love to see you do a review on this knife!

  4. mykalbee says:

    Hey JJ, Cool knife. Yeah Schrade has some good knives and I have had good luck with the cheaper AUS-8 steel blades. I suppose in order to hit a specific price point they must use lower end materials. No worries not all of us can afford the high end stuff. Was interested in your plate carrier and mag pouches. Looks like a good setup. One last thing, and not to be a D-bag or anything but the word is Ambidextrous not Ambidextrious (notice the trious). No worries bro your not the only person who says it wrong.

  5. KILLKING110 says:

    for self defense, seat belt cutting, etc you need a full tang better known as fixed blade since even the best folding knives locking systems can fail on you when you need them the most Schrade makes good full tangs there tanto full tang is very good its steel requires maintenance sharpening is all.

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